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Funeral of Jesús Sonqui ‘surprises’ everyone because of what his coffin carried

  • This is how they fired Jesús Sonqui
  • Representative of artists of the regional genre
  • They carried out the funeral services of ‘El Sonqui’

A couple of hours ago, the farewell of an important figure of music in Mexico took place, however, what would now attract attention was that the funeral of Jesús Sonqui “surprises” everyone because of what his coffin carried, We tell you the details.

It was the morning of Monday, September 12, when unfortunate news was released that invaded the world of the Mexican music industry, as it was confirmed that the promoter of regional Mexican music. Jesús Armando Sonqui, had been assassinated.

It had a ‘tragic’ outcome

It had a 'tragic' outcome

The events occurred in the streets of Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, while ‘El Sonqui’, as he was known by relatives, colleagues and friends, was preparing to have dinner at approximately 2 in the morning at a street hotdog stand.

According to the authorities, minutes later a group of armed men arrived at the establishment who attempted against Sonqui’s life. So far, it is unknown if it was a ‘handover’, or if the promoter was in the ‘wrong place’.

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