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Funeral of Jesus Sonaqui was almost alone; “Since it’s not a party, they don’t come” (VIDEO)

  • Hardly anyone attended the funeral of artistic representative Jesús Sonaqui
  • Close friends of the businessman reveal the reality
  • “Where are those who claimed to be your ‘friends’?”

Funeral of Jesus Sonaqui. A few days after the murder of the businessman and artistic representative Jesús Sonaqui, 36 years old, the funeral was held on the night of September 14, however, a close friend of the artistic representative who was at his funeral, gave know a sad reality.

And it turns out that very few people showed up at the funeral of his friend. Who goes by the name Héctor Manuel Ibarra, and former former participant of ‘La Academia’, published a video in which he complains about all those people who he claims called themselves ‘friends’ of the musical representative, because none of them were present to give him the last good-bye.

Funeral of Jesus Sonaqui: How did he die?

Funeral of Jesus Sonaqui

Representative of regional Mexican artists, Jesus Sonaqui was in charge of artists such as Alta Consigna and Panchito Arredondo. The murder was on September 12, 2021 and he was attacked in the middle of the street while he was at a street food stall.

The manager of the singer Panchito Arredondo could not do anything to protect himself from the “rain of bullets” because they caught him completely off guard, although on the portal ‘Tribuna’ it is assured that he tried to defend himself by also taking out a firearm but could not activate it against the aggressors who shot him to death. Filed Under: Funeral of Jesus Sonaqui

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