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from the old rumors with Benjamín Vicuña to telling a gang rape on Netflix

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oh, is it the same girl? Almost three years passed since the chimentera wave that He pointed it out as the third in discord between Benjamín Vicuña and China Suárez. In many Argentine media they spoke of her as “The Spanish actress who caused the breakup of the couple”. But Elena Rivera knew how to surf it and, because of those meritocratic things, now it’s back on everyone’s lips for your wonderful work in Alba.

And, for a few followers of the Spanish series that was uploaded to the podium of the most viewed NetflixIt was a surprise that it was the same person. Beyond his private life and the gossip of others, time removed the weeds from the chiquitaje and put it back in the showcase of the talentedfor which she has been parading since she was a child.

At 29 years old, Rivera is a clear example, like Lali Espósito or Andrea del Boca (names that will find identification in different generations), of the figures that grew up on screen. And, in fact, in our country she has been seen as a pre-teen as a member of that Spanish fiction hit that is Tell me how it happened and that goes for the 22nd season.

Elena Rivera and Ricardo Gómez in "Tell me how it happened".

Elena Rivera and Ricardo Gómez in “Tell me how it happened”.

She was on that show starting with the fifth installment and ended her role four years ago.

Although her role as Karina Saavedra consolidated her as one of the most coveted young actresses in Spainmanaged to not fall asleep on the laurels of that success without borders.

And between that character and the Alba Llorensa girl who suffers a gang rape and uses her courage to find those responsible, Rivera traveled an interesting path on televisionwith some scales in cinema and theater.

the spanish voice

But the doors of TV, curiously, were not opened to him in principle for actingbut for singing. At age 7 she became a finalist in the contest little starswhich was on Antena 3. And three years later it won the contest looking for a starwhich led her to record her first album, crazy for the rhythm.

And in 2005, at the age of 13, she was signed to play María Caridad Karina Saavedra Martín, a character who went from peripheral to central in the plot of Cuéntamethe fiction that revolves around a family, through time, to brush up on the history of their country (in addition to broadcasting the original, with Imanol Arias to the head, Argentine TV made its own version in 2017with Nicholas Cabré).

That work, extended for 14 seasons, did not prevent him from participating in other projects, such as the series Those who (had little screen life) and serve and protectin the play The art of the interview (it allowed him to go on stage at the emblematic María Guerrero, in Madrid), and in the films losing north Y The sweet taste of lemon.

Elena Rivera in "The Truth".  Her character had two names.

Elena Rivera in “The Truth”. Her character had two names.

But it was the series The truthwhich he starred in 2018, the one that allowed him deploy your tools to compose a dark character with a double identitySara and Paula, in the Telecinco thriller that she shared with Jon Kortajarena and Jose Coronado.

The plot tried to reveal what had happened with the disappearance of a girl who reappeared many years later, now a complex teenager. all in a framework marinated by secrets and mistrust.

Rumors and denial

Born in Zaragoza on August 29, ’92, Rivera became great -artistically speaking- as a child and his name became international. In 2018, she was chosen to bring the adaptation of the novel to the small screen. Inés of my soulby Isabel Allende. It was in that co-production from the Chilean-Spanish period in which she composed Inés Suárez, where shared a recording set with Benjamín Vicuña.

A short time later, between backstage photos and suggestive posts of yoursthe rumors of alleged romance took her to the field of the so-called gossip press.

She denied, gave them an ole and continued her courtship with David Redondo. She is not one of those who are scandalized by their own scandals. She rather seems like the type who knows how to laugh at them.

Active on her social networks, she now enjoys the global success of Sunrisea 13-episode series that tells the drama of a young woman who goes on vacation to her old town and, after a night in which she tried to have fun with friends while watering memories, appears lying on the sand, raped.

Elena Rivera and Eduardo Noriega in Inés del alma mía.  Vicuña also worked.

Elena Rivera and Eduardo Noriega in Inés del alma mía. Vicuña also worked.

From that tragic moment, she tries to reconstruct what happened, helped by her boyfriend, Bruno Costa (Eric Masip), key character in every sense. At this point, better not. spoil.

The series knows how to handle the reins of tension very well and also knows how to take seriously a script about a gang rape and on how this fact impacts the victims and their environment. And in justice.

Although it is a fiction -at the same time inspired by the Turkish can What is Fatmagül’s fault-, at times there seem to be records of current newscasts, of real cases, of those that mobilize on various fronts. And Rivera’s performance invites to put into play the emotions and values ​​of the viewer.

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