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From Rupert Grint to Ben Barnes… they appear in Del Toro’s ‘The Cabinet of Curiosities’

The cabinet of curiosities of William of the Bull is a compilation of stories ranging from classic horror to the grotesque, as well as from the magical to the gothic. The filmmaker from Guadalajara has taken on the task of carefully selecting each one of them, as well as the creative minds that direct them.

From this Tuesday and until Friday new chapters will be arriving, which are based on macabre stories -some of them based on famous writers of the horror and science fiction genre– that we are sure will not let you sleep. The series brings together eight directors and a large cast that includes world-renowned names.

Guide to see ‘The Cabinet of Curiosities’, by Guillermo del Toro: release date and chapters
Cabinet of Curiosities (Netflix).

Cabinet of Curiosities (Netflix).

Each day two episodes will land, each lasting one hour. Next we make a recount of the actors that participate in The cabinet of curiositiessome of them have participated in series such as The Walking Dead or movies of the stature of Harry Potter either The Chronicles of Narnia.

Who is who in ‘The Cabinet of Curiosities’, by Guillermo del Toro

Tim Blake Nelson

He is the protagonist of the first episode, lot 36. He is an American actor known for playing Delmar O’Donnell on tape Or Brother, Where Art Thou?; she has also participated in hulk the incredible man, Lincoln Y Watchmen.

Elpidia Carrillo

It has a secondary but fundamental role in lot 36. She is an actress and director of purepecha originconsidered the first interpreter of indigenous descent to make a place in the upper echelons of Hollywood.

Sebastian Roche

He plays the antiquities specialist of lot 36. He is a French actor with an extensive career in film and television. He has participated in series like The Vampire Diaries -in which he played MIkael Mikaelson-, sex and the city, TheOriginals Y Supernatural.

Rupert Grint

Known for bringing Ron Weasley to life in Harry Potter is the protagonist of Dreams in the witch housethe sixth episode of the series.

Everything you need to know about Guillermo del Toro's 'The Cabinet of Curiosities' (Netflix).

Everything you need to know about Guillermo del Toro’s ‘The Cabinet of Curiosities’ (Netflix).

David Hewlett

He joins the series in the role of the night watchman from episode two, Cemetery rats. The actor was part of the cast of The Shape of Water, precisely by Guillemor del Toro, and also participated in the series Stargate Atlantis.

F.Murray Abraham

He is the protagonist of Autopsy, the third of the anthology. The actor won the Oscar and the Golden Globe for his interpretation of Antonio Salieri in Amadeus. She recently appeared in the Netflix movie The Appearance of Things and voiced her Khonsu, andhe egyptian moon god, in Moon Knight.

Glynn Turman

It appears in Autopsy like the county sheriff. Among his most important roles are Clarence Royce from the series TheWire Y lew thousands of Peyton Place.

Crispin Glover

Surely his face is familiar to you, this is because the actor played the young George McFly in Return to the future. He has also participated in the films Charlie’s Angels, Alice in Wonderland Y Willard. In The Cabinet of Curiosities, he is the protagonist of the episode Model.

ben barnes

He is one of the co-stars of chapter five, Modelwhich tells the story of an obsessive painter, ironically the actor starred The portrait of Dorian Gray, film inspired by the work of Oscar Wilde that tells the story of a young man who makes an evil pact to stay young, while the painting of his portrait is the one that ages.

Essie Davis

The protagonist of the emblematic horror film The Babadook is also the star of the chapter the murmura story based on a story by Guillermo del Toro and directed by Jennifer Kent.

andrew lincoln

Known for bringing to life Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead returns to the small screen also in The murmur.


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