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From Prince to Maluma: These are Madonna’s best collaborations

madonna is considered “The Queen of pop”, throughout his career he has achieved successes such as Live a Virgin, Vogue, Material Girl, Like a Prayer, among others. The artist during the first years of her career did not do many collaborations with other singers, however as her style changed, she began to have successes with other artists ranging from Britney Spears, Kanye West, Nicki Minaj to artists like Taylor Swift, Avicii and even Maluma himself, here we show you his best collaborations both in the studio and live performances.

A song that wasn’t made for her and made her a hit: Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’ story

Love Song (Prince)

A dream collaboration and one of their first songs together, on the album Like a Prayer the artist Prince played guitar on the songs Keep It Together Y Act of Contritionalso the theme Love Song is one of the most important for the singer since they sing together.

high-flying (Antonio Banderas)

In 1996 the American and the Spanish starred in the film avoid filmed in Argentina and Hungary. For the tape they sang and shared this scene in which they perform one of the songs from the official soundtrack.

Me Against The Music (Britney Spears)

Although this single belongs to the album In The Zone by singer Britney Spears, was one of the most successful collaborations having the queen of pop with the princess of pop, having their first song together.

4 minutes (Justin Timberlake)

from his album Hard Candy. This was one of Madonna’s first collaborations, showing a more pop side with Timberlake, considered at the time “The Prince of Pop”, it marked one of the first songs of the most successful artists of the 2000s.

Give It 2 ​​Me (Pharrell)

Pharrell has been one of the darlings of the queen of pop since he has participated as a composer and producer of several of her songs, but the best known of that musical union is Give It 2 ​​Me belonging to the disk Hard Candy from 2008.

Beat Goes On (Kanye-West)

same from his album Hard Candythe rapper Kanye West, who was raising his career, was also one of the first artists to collaborate with the singer and although it is a song that at the time did not achieve the expected success, over time it marked a milestone in his career .

Feel Good Inc. & hang-up (Gorillaz)

For the 2006 Grammys, a unique union in music history was made. Madonna walked and danced between the animated Gorillaz characters, in an animation that made it look like the band was there, as they sang their respective hits.

Girl Gone Wild (Avicii)

In 2012 the Swedish DJ Avicii was chosen by Madonna to do the official remix of the single Girl Gone Wild, included on the studio album MDNA. For the Ultra electronic music festival in Miami that year, Madonna appeared on stage during the late DJ’s set.

Bitch I’m Madonna (Nicky Minaj)

This is considered Madonna’s most successful single in the digital age and belongs to the album Rebel Heart being the third collaboration of the pop queen with Nicky Minaj. Stars like Rita Ora, Chris Rock, Kanye West, Diplo, Kanye West, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus also participate in the video.

ghost town (Taylor Swift)

At the 2015 iHeartRadio Awards Madonna stunned when she performed an acoustic version of her song on stage ghost town and for this presentation who accompanied the singer in this presentation playing the guitar was another great pop star: Taylor Swift.

Medellin (Maluma)

The singer chose the Colombian Maluma to participate in her album Madame X, where they performed a totally different theme from what Madonna had done in her career, with an urban touch, Maluma was one of the first Latin artists to collaborate with the singer.

Like a Virgin Y Hollywood (Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears)

One of the most epic moments of the 2003 MTV awards and that marked an entire generation: the triple kiss of the singers during the interpretation of the songs Like A Virgin Y Hollywood.


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