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From priest to day laborer, these are all the trades of Ignacio López Tarso before becoming an actor

Ignatius Lopez Lopezbetter known as by his stage name Lopez Tarsusis one of the most recognized and beloved Mexican actors in the national industry.

Throughout his more than 70-year career, he was a witness and part of the different evolutionary processes of the media and entertainment. The theater, film and television Broadly speaking, they are the channels through which he has kept in touch with his audience, and although his talent undoubtedly seems born, the reality is that before dedicating himself to acting, López Tarso worked in other trades and professions.

What did Ignacio López Tarso do before becoming an actor?

During an interview for the show ‘The minute that changed my destiny’of Image Television, The actor shared with his audience and fans a journey through his life.

His father was part of the military, however, when Tarsus was just four years old, went from second captain of the Mexican army to head of the post office of Novojoa, in Sonora.

At that time Ignacio López he was six years old and witnessed his father’s job advancementwho also became postmaster in Hermosillo, Guadalajara and finally the Treasury office in Valle de Bravo. For the above, López Tarso’s first job in life was as a postmanalthough he did not provide more details regarding that chapter of his life.

López Tarso and his life in the priestly seminary

Once he and his family settled in Valle de Bravo, and with primary school completed, Tarso showed interest in continuing his studies; however, his father was economically limited to admit him to a boarding school in the cities of Toluca and Mexico, so the village priestFamily’s friend, He opened a space for him in the seminary to be a priest.

“The village priest who was a friend of my father said: go to the seminary, I open the door of the seminary, there are magnificent teachers therehe is going to study a lot, he is going to play a lot of sports”, he says.

Ignacio López Tarso spent four years of his life in the seminary, where he learned Latin, Greek, humanities and philosophyHowever, he abandoned it when the time came to commit himself fully to the religion.

He had no vocation to be a priestI never thought I would be”

López Tarso and his life military stage

At the age of 18, Tarso completed his Military Service, living in a barracks for a year due to the context of World War II; settled for three months in Querétarothen in Veracruz and the last four months in Monterrey in the most modern military camp in Mexico.

During your stays earned the rank of first sergeant thanks to the knowledge acquired during the seminar.

“They started calling me for office things, They began to give me a degree, Corporal, Second Sergeant, First Sergeant

Even the boss directly offered him a place at the Military College, an offer he rejected.

López Tarso and his time as a day laborer in the United States

Finally, Ignatius left with a signed contract to the United States to be a day laborer and cut oranges in the fields; this trade is known as bracero.

The company that recruited personnel carried out the corresponding medical examinations and after receiving the go-ahead, He traveled to Merced, a town located in Northern California.

His work tools were a ayate and scissors. This employment lasted six months, since the actor had an accident falling from a treefracturing three vertebrae of the dorsal spine.

This led to his return by train to Buenavista, in Mexico City, where had his first contact with the arts through the poetry of Villaurrutiatheater professor at the National Institute of Fine Arts, thus marking the beginning of a prominent career in acting.


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