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From Perse’s Rebel Poxiran on the Beach to Solo Project

From Perse's Rebel Poxiran on the Beach to Solo Project

Simon is vegetarian, sympathetic and sweet. He speaks with a soft Mendoza tone. The son of artisans, he grew up in the Plaza Independence Fair of his native province. The one who uploaded the psychedelic video to YouTube under the pseudonym ‘Simone Poxyran’; dishonesty of bitch on the beach, musician. artist. young father. Person

Simone Saag is just 24 years old, a former band that was the young face of indie rock in country, a record under his last name and a family he formed with Camilla and her child, the Astros. It also communicates a lot of calmness while speaking.

On 6 March, when he appeared in Niceto, he did so under a new identity: Doppel Gang. There, in front of a hundred people, what was the beginning of a new phase for Simon was conceived and delivered.

Simone Saag singing his latest songs with a pure heart

Simone Saag singing his latest songs with a pure heart

It was also the reunion and final farewell bitch on the beach With the astonishing presence on the stage of all its members. People cried, sang, shouted. He was letting go and was also preparing for Sag’s metamorphosis.

“In mid-2018, I was not active as a solo artist, but I started to understand myself doppel gang, the name comes from doppelganger, meaning ‘doppel’ is double and ‘ganger’, walker. The doppelgnger is a physical alter ego,” Simone says enthusiastically in a telephone conversation with Clarins.

me and my other selves

“I am no longer me, I am your reflection. They say I speak like you, but I don’t understand it. If all I learned was when I lost you in that puddle of thirst, Didn’t want to come back”, Niceto sings in Simone Saigu doppelgangertheme dedicated to his dead father, It’s a sensitive, magical moment.

Everything starts from there. From her artisan father, to her mother in love and collusion, to fairs, to the songs of Maria Elena Walsh, her voice and her constant search for identity. Many tell him that he looks like his father and that’s when Simone, Googling found the German word that gave rise to his new self today.

“There is a myth that you can find your doppelgnger who is literally like your other self, a younger version or a more adult version. One day everything I found on the internet sounded amazing to me. Believe it or not Do, I reinterpreted it and turned it into my first album Saigo“Bill.

“Subject doppelganger talk about my dad who died when he was very young and talk to my dad to meet himself, see him in me and see me in him”, reflects in a relaxed telephone conversation with the former member of Paras bugle,

Graduate evolved with his music. He grew through his art through the commercialization of his work. To be honest, everything started as a joke. Simon Poxyran was “Guchchin who doesn’t care about anything”, Who made psychedelic videos on YouTube to have fun with friends.

Then came the idea of ​​putting a band together His brother Juan Saig -ex you show me- and the friends he baptized by name bitch on the beach, and his goal was to harass, ‘gadder’, speaking the same language as his audience. Something like making a common language with that teenage hormonal fury that united him with his audience.

Simone Saag and Viranda Johansson together on the set of Achilles, the song that unites them.

Simone Saag and Viranda Johansson together on the set of Achilles, the song that unites them.

rebellious and sensitive

The name of the band’s debut album already reflects that rebellion: cock sucker (2016) and onwards whose flow (2018). After all, art has an end in itself: to make us uncomfortable, to invite us to reflect. it worked great for them They made noise and suddenly played in various festivals.

bitch on the beach It spawned a generation of rebellious teens who shook it into pogos, who wanted to spit out its truth. This went on until Simon decided to become a solo artist.

with Saigohis first solo album, we hear an introspective Simon telling about his personal story. That was back in 2017 and then came the change, the mutation in a butterfly from a caterpillar—symbolically—or evolution to another species. There, he was born in 2018. Doppel Gang.

“The project is conceptual and audiovisual, it is called doppel gang Because is a fictional character called Doppel. This is a new variation of the word doppelganger“, description.

“I’m going to take Atlas which is my first album doppel gang, which is the origin of the project. I will continue to do projects and it is all like a continuation of the same story. It’s like it was a saga, as if it were star wars You Graduate is the main character”, alluding to his next assignment.

Atlas Doppel’s life through fiction. Spoiler alert: One of the songs will contain the phrase “Truth is always stranger than fiction”. The album comes together to synthesize its moments of ecstasy of joy, but also of maximum sadness, the struggles it carries on its shoulders such as anti-racism, vegetarianism and permanent dissolution.

“name Atlas It comes because it is a map of another dimension and the album has to do with it. I can’t do worse,” he pauses, replies and laughs.

Simone Saag is singing in Niceto.

Simone Saag is singing in Niceto.

art as a family union

His parents met at the Plaza Independencia de Mendoza fair. His mother was dazzled by a craftsman, with whom he would later form a family where Simon and Juan Saig would be born.

When both of them were still very young, the father passed away, but today Sag formed a containment swarm with other artists. Friends who have been family for a long time. Ordinary people, like Lucca Begueri Petrich, and those who have been involved over the years: his girlfriend Camila Rodriguez and his sister-in-law, Vera Spinetta.

Together they improvise songs throughout the day and pave the way for the youngest: her baby Astro and her nephew, Azul. Little ones – in the midst of exploring the world – are already encouraged to play some strings on the guitar and even more Continue the family legacy: Listening to Maria Elena Walsh.

“I think I reconnected with her as an adult, and I found a super political part: She said things that no one dared to speak at the time. She was a lesbian, a feminist, and she Speaks amidst a vague and dark reality of La Argentina”, he refers to his musical influences during his childhood.

It’s no coincidence that Simon sang where are the poets in between set list During his presentation in Niceto. Perhaps he was trying to remind us a proverb of every artist: “Poets never sell themselves or lie.”

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