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From Paris Hilton’s visit to Belinda’s apple: these are the most iconic moments of “Today”

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More than 40 artists and presenters have hosted the program throughout its history. (Capture from Youtube: Program Today / Instagram Photo: @programahoy)

Few programs manage to position themselves among the public’s favorites and remain in force for more than two decades. Such is the case of Todaythe morning of Televisa that this Wednesday, August 3, celebrated its 24th anniversary. During all this time on the air, its hosts and special guests have starred in countless unfortunate events such as falls, accidents or mistakes that have become unforgettable moments on Mexican television.

Next we tell you the most iconic moments of the program Today which is currently hosted by Andrea Legarreta, Galilea Montijo, Tanian Rincón, Andrea Escalóna, Raúl Araiza, Paul Stanley and Arath de la Torre under the production of Andrea Rodríguez.

The unexpected visit of Paris Hilton

It was in November 2018 when Paris Hilton attended the morning of Televisa. His kindness and simplicity surprised the hosts and the general public because he not only gave an interview about his personal life, he also agreed to participate in some dynamics that were daily in the production.

Mauricio Manera – former host of the program and current contestant on the second season of MasterChef Celebrity Mexico– Together with Natalia Téllez they were in charge of receiving the socialite in the forum. After being questioned about her facet as a businesswoman and the constant controversies in which she is involved, she agreed to play Think fast with Galilea Montijo, Andrea Legarreta and Jorge E.l donkey Van Ranking.

(YouTube Capture: Today)
(YouTube Capture: Today)

The dynamic consisted of describing images in order to guess them. Paris did not make any mistakes, she even agreed to wear covered glasses with huge purple eyes, however, criticism fell on Galilea Montijo for her pronunciation in English and the way in which she addressed the socialite, as some Internet users considered that she spoke very slow.

The day Belinda tried to break an apple with her forehead

(YouTube Capture: Today)
(YouTube Capture: Today)

One of Belinda’s most iconic moments occurred during a broadcast of Todaywhen tried to break an apple with his forehead after Donkey Van Rankin did it.. This happened six years ago, when the star of children’s melodramas was resuming her career as a singer and part of her promotion was to visit the forum of Todaywhere in the middle of a game he challenged the drivers.

You have to break an apple with your head… let’s see who can do it”, he said while the production was looking for the fruits in Galilea Montijo’s dressing room. Already with the piece in hand, the host of the program did it, but he did not achieve the task. Then it was Belinda’s turn, who repeatedly hit herself until she was arrested.

As expected, the video went viral on social networks and still stars in some memes.

Galilea Montijo confused “Roma”, the award-winning film by Alfonso Cuarón

It was in 2019 when prior to the annual delivery of the Oscar awards the controversial television presenter starred in one of the most uncomfortable moments of her career by confuse the Roma neighborhood of CDMX with the Italian city for the film that launched Yalitza Aparicio to stardom; this happened during the presentation of the program that he leads in Televisa.

Mauricio Mancer, Raúl Araiza, Andrea Legarreta, Paul Stanley, Jorge Van Rankin and Galilea Montijo were presenting the most relevant topics that would be touched on during the morning when the Tapatia, in an attempt to praise the work carried out by Alfonso Cuarón, hinted that they were not He had seen the tape because he thought that Roma (2018) was talking about Italy, not Mexico.

A Mexican talking about Rome and that in Italy they are giving him that ovation… you have to see the movie!

His statements disconcerted his colleagues, especially Andrea Legarreta, who took the floor to point out that the film speaks and was shot on Mexican soil: “Cuarón’s film speaks of Mexico.” Then Galilea questioned why it was called that and everyone explained that it is the name of a CDMX neighborhood.

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