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From Merida; Jaint promotes “Reality”. Reveals Drake Bell as his inspiration

When I was ten years old and watched the TV show “Drake and Josh” Joaquin Palma had the concern of being a musician and playing the guitar like the character played by Drake Bell.

But it wasn’t until he was 15 when he discovered that music really was his thing.

“When I grow up I realize that music was my passion and I begin to dedicate myself to it,” shares the musician, who now calls himself jainta name he adopted from an English idiom meaning “anything or place you can imagine.”

The singer-songwriter explains that Jaint is much more than the name of a musician.

“It is a project that I started four years ago to be able to amplify the different branches of art. Not only with music, but with other types of art.”

That idea, he says in an interview with the newspaper, led him to join the groups Parcustics and Pandora’s Box with which he sought to create spaces for independent and emerging scenes, an example, a concert in Merida from the band whiplash from Mexico City.

“By bringing these artists, we are paving the way for local talent by giving them the opportunity to open for these artists,” he explains.

Promo with “Realidad”

Jaint in front of the Megamedia Values ​​gallery, during his visit to Diario de Yucatán. Photo by Valerio Caamal Balam

Jaint is in full promotion of his single “Realidad”, an electronic pop song that talks about the perspectives of things today.

“I think one of the main approaches is to be able to create a unique space for listeners,” explains the musician, who along with the release of “Realidad” is preparing two EPs (electronic and another acoustic) that would be ready this year.

“It’s about enjoying even the little details, that’s what I try to convey, that’s why I have to be happy with what I do”.

Jaint shares that for his latest songs, “Weather” Y “Clouds” He was inspired by the events of daily life.

Jaint holds the Image section of Diario de Yucatán. Photo by Valerio Caamal Balam

Jaint was presented at various forums and festivals, one of them, last White Night, where he attended as part of one of the collectives. She also shared the stage with the singer-songwriter David Aguilar. Soon, he will perform in Bacalar and Chiapas.

Reference from yucatan

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