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From Karely Ruiz to the Grupero King! These are all the controversies of Fofo Márquez

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Fofo Márquez has become one of the most controversial characters today; His scandals, attitudes and actions have made him the target of countless criticisms since he has managed to build a career based on scandals, which have already had some consequences.

Fofo Márquez is an influencer who began to gain fame thanks to the fact that the Spanish youtuber Dominguero showed his luxurious life. Thanks to this, his followers quickly began to rise to 3 million on his social networks.

Fofo Márquez appears beaten by King Grupero; they filter video of the aggression

Fofo himself has assured on different occasions that he has always hung out with people with a lot of money and he does not hesitate to show it very often. That’s why, that here we will recount those controversies in which this young man has been seen.

The controversies of Fofo Márquez

Attached by his family

Due to his behavior and his problems with alcohol, Fofo Márquez was annexed by his family, which triggered some problems with them, who have been said to have limited the use of his credit cards.

Accuses Arturo Islas of trafficking animals

It was through an interview he gave to the podcast of Charly Galleta, where Fofo Márquez assured that he knows that Arturo Islas only uses the animals he rescues and traffic with them.

“When I went to investigate, he went to the jungle, grabbed the animals, then said that he rescued them according to him, but he had his show. I realized when he tried to take the leopard away from me, I investigated and it is his bisne, ”she added.

He assured that he is the father of the son of the Santa Fe Klan

The Mexican influencer assured during an interview that he could be the real father of the son that Santa Fe Klan He is waiting with his partner Maya Nazor, assuring that the woman was unfaithful to the rapper with him.

“I was seeing that a son is coming, and the truth is that the dates add up”

The controversy with Karely Ruiz

After he was caught kissing the famous model and influencer Karen Ruizthe OnlyFans model exploded against Fofo after he ran away from a party held in a club leaving an account of 60 thousand pesos.

“Let’s see, I want you to tell the truth. Say how things turned out, have you already said that you left without paying a bill of 60 thousand pesos? You left without paying the nightclub bill and left it all to me”

Bridge closure in Guadalajara

Through a video, Fofo Márquez demonstrated how he had closed the circulation of the Matute Remus bridge with different luxury cars; “once again demonstrating what money and power can do in Mexico”. This action had consequences since it was the mayor of Guadalajara himself who issued a warning.

His discussion with Rey Grupero

The most recent controversy occurred when Rey Grupero began to criticize Fofo for his most recent actions: ““This dude feels like he can do it just because his daddy has money and 10 escorts, no mms”; Immediately, Rodolfo did not hesitate to answer him: “He is more famous than many content creators, but the difference is that he sees it as a hobby and the others as a career.”

Both influencers assured that they would settle the differences personally with the condition that there would be no one else as escorts or companions.

“I’m going to present myself without escorts, but where do you do something crooked to me there if you don’t finish it dad because I’m neither Carlos Trejo nor Alfredo Adame, I do have what and I do weigh it,” declared the influencer Márquez.

Fofo Márquez was allegedly physically attacked by King Grupero.

In a bloodied video, the content creator mentioned that he wanted to confront Klitbo’s ex-boyfriend; however, they put together a four and broke his “head”. Meanwhile, the King of jokes leaked the moment of the attack, where he was also injured.

On the other hand, King Grupero reacted. He assured that he will have to learn to control his outbursts: “I have to learn to calm my outbursts, my ego. I let myself be stung by a kid who… I took him to a neighborhood street and we provoked the people who were there and well he didn’t know what to do. They hit him horribly, well they are mistakes, “concluded King Grupero.


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