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From Einstein to Gloria Estefan, refugees who changed history

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Sometimes politicians and governments sell the story of refugees as something that isn’t always positive, so we tell you about famous refugees who changed history, from Einstein to Gloria Estefan. Why is World Refugee Day celebrated?

Albert Einstein The German physicist of Jewish descent was forced to flee his native country during World War II, and had he not done so we certainly would not have known of his theories of relativity, among other major discoveries and contributions. Einstein fled Germany to the United States, where he found refuge at Princeton University, New Jersey.

Sigmund Freud The famous psychologist fled to England after being persecuted by the Nazis. After research by Rubén Gallo, the Gestapo searched the offices of the psychoanalytic publishing house, searched Freud’s apartment and briefly arrested his daughter Anna. Freud fled to London in 1938 and when Hitler’s government occupied Austria Freud was considered an enemy of the Third Reich and his books were publicly burned. Gloria Estefan The famous Cuban singer and actress is originally from Havana and was a refugee with her family when the revolution led by Fidel Castro caused her and her family to flee to Miami. Gloria Estefan returns to cinema with Diego Boneta and Arjona’s daughter Freddy Mercury. The famous singer fled the island of Zanzibar with his family after a revolution that took them to England, where Freddy later met the members of Queen while he was at Ealing School of Arts.

Isabel Allende The Latin writer, known for works such as “The House of Ghosts”, had to leave her native Chile after Pinochet’s coup in 1973. The author had received threats and knew her name was on the army’s blacklist, so she first fled to Venezuela with her husband and two children, where she worked with the press. In 1985, Allende moved to the United States, where she worked as a literature teacher. The writer returned to Chile in 1990. Tell us what you think of this list of fugitives who changed history, from Einstein to Gloria Estefan. We leave you with our editorial video as we examine more data about refugees in the United States and around the world.

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