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From ‘Diary of a Passion’ to ‘Sherlock Holmes’; most endearing Rachel McAdams movies

Rachel McAdams is one of the best-known faces in Hollywood, since in addition to her physical beauty she has an artistic talent to be a very good character or a woman of character. The Canadian-born actress has worked alongside actors like Rya Gosling, Lindsay Lohan and Bradley Cooper, among others.

The actress was born on November 17, 1978 in the province of Ontario although His professional career has been developed mostly in the United Statescountry in which you have a permanent residence card. Her personal life has mostly kept her out of the limelight, so it is only known that she is married and has two children; even He is one of the movie figures who do not have social networksAt least open to the public.

Rachel McAdams’ Most Memorable Movies

Diary of a passion

This romantic film is undoubtedly the one that positioned the actress as one of the public’s favorites. The plot captivated not only women, but also men. It is about an elderly couple who are in a nursing home, the man reads the woman the story of two young people in love from different social classes.

The man is telling him everything that happened so that the protagonists of the story could be together. Unfortunately, the lady had Alzheimer’s, so she did not remember that it was nothing more and nothing less than her own love story with the man who read to her.who was also her husband.

Mean Girls

This film caused a furor around the image of Rachel McAdams, as the actress played the role of Regina Georgea rather sexy young woman with blonde hair and a strong personality, which made her an icon for the youth audience.

The story focuses mainly on his character and that of Lindsey Lohan, as the redhead tries to overthrow the blonde with a sabotage plan so that he would stop bothering the other students in his high school who suffered physical and psychological abuse from Regina George.

Vows of love

It is a love story that begins and ends well, strange as it may sound, since the character of Paigeplayed by Rachel, is already at the side of the love of his life, Leo, played by actor Channing Tatum. Surprisingly Her life takes a turn when the woman loses her memory due to a blow and forgets her husband and everything they have experienced together.

Leo he will have to make his wife fall in love again Because of her state of confusion, she returns to her parents’ house, from whom she moved away due to various family problems, but the worst thing is that she is also attracted to the one she remembered as her boyfriend, an ex from the university who is willing to stay with her. Paige.

Sherlock Holmes

The actress was part of the story of the famous detective in 2009 where got the role of Irene Adlera sensual woman with a bad reputation for being a thief and cunning who asks for help from Sherlock Holmes and his partner Dr. John Watson despite having differences and being almost like enemies.

The detective always doubts Irene without failing in his assumptions, since the woman worked for the true villain of the story, a man named James Moriartya teacher with very strong intelligence capabilities.


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