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from Cris Morena to streaming series

from Cris Morena to streaming series

More than ten years have passed since a group of teenagers broke onto the small screen at the hands of Cris Morena, with a story that hit hard and launched its protagonists to fame. From that hotbed of Almost angels were consolidated, among others, Lali Espósito, Eugenia China Suárez, Peter Lanzani and Benjamín Amadeo, who today they star in fictions on the main streaming platforms.

The boys grew up and made their own paths. Lali heads Sky Red on Netflix (and record The end of love, by Amazon Prime Video), China is in Alternative therapy for Star +, Peter is divided between The kingdom (Netflix) and Maradona: blessed dream (Amazon) and Amadeo is in Intertwined, the brand new premiere of Disney +.

Already installed as a true star in Latin America and Spain, Lali knew how to consolidate, in parallel, her career as a singer with that of an actress. After participating in several Polka strips, such as Only you and Hope of mineShe continued to add fans who follow her in the sun and in the shade.

Lali Espósito Plays Wendy, In Sky Rojo, On Netflix.

Lali Espósito plays Wendy, in Sky Rojo, on Netflix.

But Lali also tried herself as a dramatic actress in other roles, such as the one she played in the miniseries. Sandro from America, in the skin of the star Tita Russ, in addition to works in theater and cinema, such as the romantic comedy Allowed, directed by Ariel Winograd.

Encouraging to expand her profile, Lali starred in another film, Accused, based on a real police case. Directed by Gonzalo Tobal, the film participated in the Venice Film Festival. Lali knew how to take advantage of the arrival she has with music to settle for a season in Madrid, prepandemia, and join the cast of Sky Red, Netflix production on the dark background of human trafficking.

In the middle of the recordings of the following seasons of Sky Red, Lali was sworn to The Argentine Voice, and with his sympathy he became one of the phenomena of the program. And now record The end of love, for Amazon, based on the book by Tamara Tenenbaum, with a leading character.

From Lali to China

Her friend and crony at the time, Eugenia China Suárez, also expanded her career internationally. Although now Suárez is in the foreground for his love life, the actress never stopped working. In addition to being part of the Polka host in The only ones and Only you, among others, focused his career more towards cinema.

Alternative Therapy, With China Suárez, Benjamín Vicuña And Carla Peterson.

Alternative therapy, with China Suárez, Benjamín Vicuña and Carla Peterson.

Since its debut in 2015, with Abzurdah, they followed The red thread, The sufferers and You only live once. Like Lali, China had a participation in the series Sandro from America, playing Susana Giménez. In 2019, he returned to television with Argentina land of love and revenge (ATAV), in the role of a Polish immigrant who arrived in Argentina deceived in the 1930s.

Now, in addition to sharing the cast (he already did it in The red thread and in ATAV) with her former partner, Benjamín Vicuña, in Alternative therapy, where they play a pair of lovers who want to separate, also he is filming with the Spaniard Álvaro Morte, in Jujuy, scenes from the film Objects, of which a large part has already been shot in Spain.

Peter steps on various platforms

Peter Lanzani is another fruit of the Cris Morena seedbed that confirmed his talent a long time ago, building a career in film and theater with very different characters. After doing television roles in The owner, Gentlemen daddies, among others, he played the priest Ladislao Gutiérrez in the musical version of Camila, in theater, with Natalie Pérez. And, shortly after, he joined the cast of Fuerza Bruta.

Soon after, more dramatic roles arrived, such as that of The clan, Pablo Trapero’s film, where Lanzani took on the role of Alejandro Puccio, the eldest son of the family who committed several crimes, with Guillermo Francella playing his father, Arquímedes Puccio.

Peter Lanzani, With His Character In The Netflix Series &Quot;The Kingdom&Quot;.

Peter Lanzani, with his character in the Netflix series “The kingdom”.

With a very chameleonic profile, Lanzani is able to get on stage to sing the songs of Almost angels with the same enthusiasm that he starred in a theatrical version of Equus, by Peter Shaffer, directed by Carlos Sorín, and another covered classic, Emperor Gynt by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Julio Panno.

His most recent television work was in The lioness and A rooster for Aesculapius and, in cinema, in productions as different as Hypersomnia, You Only Live Once, The Last, 4X4 and The Angel, directed by Luis Ortega, based on the story of the serial killer Carlos Robledo Puch.

Peter was also part of The kingdom, one of the most recent and successful Netflix productions, in the role of a young evangelist and, Maradona, blessed dream, by Amazon Prime Video, where gives life to Jorge Cyterszpiler, the first representative of the footballer.

Amadeo: another that is divided between music and fiction

Another of the young people who started in that artistic plant generated by Cris Morena and her infallible eye to detect future stars is Benjamín Amadeo.

Amadeo With Sebastián Wainraich In The Netflix Series Almost Happy.

Amadeo with Sebastián Wainraich in the Netflix series Almost Happy.

Of the four, is perhaps the lowest profile, but Amadeo knew how to build and sustain an acting career alongside his passion for music. After that accolade from Almost angels, several movies followed, such as A boyfriend for my wife, together with Adrián Suar, and Family crimes, along with Cecilia Roth and Miguel Angel Solá.

On TV he was part of comedies such as The only ones, My brother is a clone, Qitapenasy from reality Your face is familiar to me while in theater, he was in a version of The cage of the crazy.

With a profile clearly inclined more and more towards music, as a performer and composer, Benjamin also created one of the musical curtains of ShowMatch, I imagined you.

Almost Angels.  La China Suárez, Peter Lanzani And Lali Espósito Along With Nico Riera And Gastón Dalmau, In The Teenage Strip.

Almost angels. La China Suárez, Peter Lanzani and Lali Espósito along with Nico Riera and Gastón Dalmau, in the teenage strip.

In addition to collaborating with Los Auténticos Decadentes and Coti, among other musicians, in 2016 Amadeo released his first solo album Distant life, and the following year he was summoned as the opening act for Ed Sheeran, to play at the Estadio Único de la Plata.

Last year, again as an actor, he appeared in the series Almost happy, created by Sebastián Wainraich for Netflix, and now shares a cast with Elena Roger in the recently released Intertwined, by Disney +, a story where music plays a fundamental role.

Around almost all 30 years (Amadeo is 37), it could be said that Almost angels It turned out, in addition to a youthful phenomenon, a true school of future stars.

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