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From buying cheese to meeting Mijares: this was Nicole Kidman’s visit to CDMX

Nicole Kidman bought cheese and met Mijares (Photos: Twitter)

Nicole Kidman She is one of the most acclaimed actresses in the Hollywood industry and it was last Friday that she surprised again after being captured while enjoying a good time in Mexico City. Thus, as a good tourist, the artist who participated in films such as bewitched either the golden compass He did not deprive himself of acquiring some traditional foods of the country and of knowing Mijares.

And it is that the Australian-American went to the capital of the country to participate in the event Mexico XXI Century, which was organized by the Telmex Telcel Foundation. There, the famous she highlighted that I had never come to the country and took the opportunity to talk about her family and her efforts to support women in the world, after being named Goodwill Ambassador at UN Women in 2006.

“I have been in this for more than 20 years, I have crossed the world with women to find the protection of all in different places, to find a place with their children for all those who raised their voices and do not want to experience more injustices, nor violence. ; It’s something my dad also taught me (…) he guided me down a path of love, support, trust and help others. This is how I grew up, it is what I do and I would like to continue doing”, said the artist during her presentation.

The famous went to the event organized by the Telmex Foundation (Photo: REUTERS/Raquel Cunha)
The famous went to the event organized by the Telmex Foundation (Photo: REUTERS/Raquel Cunha)

In addition to the emotional talk she gave and the advice she gave to Mexican students, the actress traveled naturally through the streets of CDMX and was seen by several people who did not hesitate to share on social networks the places where the Emmy winner went for the series Big Little Lies.

It was mostly in Twitter where Internet users were surprised because the renowned actress appeared talking to a local cheese vendor.

“Nicole Kidman buying Oaxaca cheese. Humble my little girl, ”wrote @anapau_lpez, who shared a couple of photos.

In the images, Kidman can be seen talking with a man who sold cheese in a truck. Likewise, it is possible to perceive that one of the artist’s companions brings in her hands a little of the product offered by the seller.

The reactions on the part of the netizens were immediate and they were happy that the Hollywood star was part of a ritual that is very daily for the inhabitants of the capital.

Nicole Kidman goes and buys her cheese in the vans and you presuming that you have gourmet ham… that’s why they don’t want them and they put their dragnets in nets… I think it was a hint”. “Oh, the very humble Nicole in CDMX.” “While some are cooling Nicole Kidman enjoys the quesillo”, were some of the mentions.

But the moments recorded by users did not end there, since another Internet user showed the moment in which Kidman met Mijares.

“I never imagined seeing Nicole Kidman and Mijares in the same place, what beauty”, wrote @martinaselenev.

In the photograph is Nicole with the characteristic white suit that she wore and next to her is the interpreter of great successes such as The privilege of loving, It is not necessary, All life either Love did not die.

Given this, once again the tweeters did not contain their comments and were inflamed to see that the two figures have met.

“What a multiverse is this.” “Sing soldier of love, please, @mijaresoficial do not disappoint me”, placed the users of Twitter.


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