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From BTS to MS Band; These are the most original collaborations of Snoop Dogg

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Calvin Cordozar Broadus artistically known as Snoop Dogg, is one of the most famous rappers around the world, earlier this year he was seen putting on a great show alongside Dr. Dre, Eminem and 50 Cent during the Halftime Show at the Super Bowl LVI.

The singer originally from California has ventured into other areas, as in the case of Twitterwhere through its canal doggydogg20you can see him doing streams.

Another of its facets and that has caused more controversy, Its the entrepreneurbecause through the brand Leafs By Snoppthe rapper sells various products made with cannabis.

Snoop Dogg broadcast live for almost 8 hours without realizing it; that was the moment

However, within its main facet, it has also surprised locals and strangers, because in addition to its collaborations with Tupac, Drake, Ice Cube and Wiz Khalifathe 50-year-old rapper has released songs alongside artists that his fans they would never have imagined.

His foray into the world of reggaeton

It was during 2006 when the reggaeton player Daddy Yankee released the song Gangsta Zone Along with Snoop Dogg, something that surprised everyone, since reggaeton was in its infancy and having an artist of the stature of the Canadian rapper was something that no one expected.

This was not his only time in the reggaeton industry, he has recently been seen in the video Today I charged Puerto Rican Bad Bunnyalthough this participation is limited only to the video clip, it shows the taste that the singer has for the urban genre.

Snoop Dogg and his taste for Mexican music

On several occasions the American rapper had already shown his taste for Mexican music, especially the banda genre, however, something that astonished his followers Mexicans was their participation in what a curse of the MS Band, in which you can also listen to Snoop Dogg singing in Spanish.

Later, he was seen collaborating with the German rapper on two occasions, first on the song My Uncle Snoop and then in Big leaguesto which were added Santa Fe Klan, B-Real and Lupillo Rivera.

From rap to K-pop

Yesterday it premiered the most recent song by Benny Blanco, which not only features the participation of Snoop Dogg, but also the popular Korean band BTS, Bad Decisions is the name of the single and is already available on all digital platforms.


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