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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

‘Friends’ actor Richard Roat dies at 89

  • Beloved American actor dies
  • Richard Roat passed away at the age of 89
  • Recognized for appearing in series such as “Seinfeld” or “Friends”

Actor Richard Roat dies. The entertainment world is in mourning, after the sensitive death of a star who shone on the small screen. His death surprised many of his fans, as he managed to win the hearts of viewers who watched him on his shows.

This is the Hollywood star, Richard Roat, an actor of American origin who stood out in several television programs, highlighting series such as “Seinfeld” or “Friends”. The news of his death was released by her husband on August 5, where she reported that he had died at 89 years of age, according to Efe Agency.

Actor Richard Roat dies

Actor Richard Roat dies

So far the causes of his death have not been disclosed, in the same way his family has not come out to clarify the situation of the actor’s death. It is worth mentioning that Roat leaves behind a career of almost five decades linked above all to television and in which he came to participate in up to 130 different productions.

Through social networks, several users have been surprised by the news of the death of Richard Roat, “Friends and Seinfeld actor Richard Roat dies at 89: Hollywood has lost a prolific character actor. Richard Roat, who appeared on several shows like Friends and Seinfeld, has died,” wrote user Andy Vermaut.

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