Frida Sophia sends a strong message to Guzman

The phrases “Your lies will always be your own prison” or “You do not scare me and you will not silence me!” They were part of the woman that aired on the network.

MIAMI.- Freida Sophia and the controversy around His grandfather, Enrique Guzman keep going. Even if both have led the conflict For the legal field, Alejandra Guzman’s daughter used her social network to promote Legal process status Who takes against the singer.

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A warning or a sign?

Through his Instagram stories, Frida shared an image In which he wrote many Blunt phrase Addressed to his grandfather.

The publication was shared after the singer took over the facilities of the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJ) on May 4, where he went Confirm your complaint Against “a crime against her person” for her granddaughter.

“You know that what you have done and what you have done for a long time is not just me. […] Your lie will be your own prison […] “You don’t scare me and you’re not going to silence me!”

Regarding the legal process against his grandfather, his lawyers have indicated Frida is collecting evidence In photos, videos, and witnesses to win a legal battle against Enrique and Alejandra Guzman.

Please tell that, last April, Frida Sofia In an interview with journalist Gustavo Adolfo Intante, he revealed that she had been the victim of her grandfather, as he had inappropriately touched her when he was a child.

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