Frida Sophia did not go to a psychiatrist

His lawyer says he has suffered a lot

MEXICO CITY (L UNIVERSAL). – It is a lie that Frida Sophia has gone to a psychiatric hospital in the United States to study to deny that she has mental problems, announced Ramscar Ramírez, lawyer for Alejandra Guzman’s daughter.

“It’s a lie,” says the professional, who reacts to publications in a way that shares the information shared by Shanik Burman on her Instagram account, in the sense that the young singer is subjected to psychological tests to demonstrate Passes out that she does not have borderline disorder, as claimed by her mother.

He says that Frida Sophia has gone through many years of aggression and trauma, which is still in the process of collecting information about the case and that is why they cannot talk on the matter.

“I think this is a tacit topic that we have given to this issue, but we just want to be very careful with the information that is going to be released in public, we would also like to ask you for a little bit of understanding. That part. “

“There is a lot of information, many years of aggression, trauma, very delicate actions that Sophia has to deal with and she is going through this whole process to gather in her mind and also the information of her life which for us Be useful. “

“So, the lawyer continues,” For us to get to the point of making concrete statements, we need to be subsistence in our hands so that people are not misinformed. “

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