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Frida Kahlo musical on Broadway is in order: Mara de Anda

The use of the brand Frida Kahlo continues to cause dispute. According to a document to which he had access MILLENNIUMa legal warning was made against whoever is responsible for the use of the brand, in particular Frida, The Musical, a production that lead Neena Beber, Valentina Berger and Jaime Lozanoauthorized by Mara de Anda.

The document is signed by an intellectual property law firm named Trueba & Suarez, dated August 31, in which This firm is accredited as the legal representative of the Frida Kahlo Corporation brand. (“FKC”). The text breaks down in detail the use of the Frida Kahlo brand, as well as other related brands.

Jaime Lozano is sued for rights to the Frida Kahlo musical on Broadway

The document also explains that “it has recently come to the attention of FKC that Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. (“Lincoln Center”) announces FRIDA the musical and then a screenshot of the work that Jaime Lozano will premiere on Broadway in 2024. The musical offered a preview last night at Lincoln Center.

Alfonso Durán, manager of Mara de Andagave an interview to MILLENNIUM and explained that the musical is in order and that the rights were sold to IAP Group and this in turn hired the team led by Lozano for the production that will raise the curtain in the capital of the theater in 2024, “who has the rights to Frida is a Miami producer: IAP Group,” he said.

“We are ok, we are in rehearsals, in an hour we will present this show to the promoters and I hope to be successful and that these people outside the project remain on the sidelines, that they worry about their productions that they assume quite a bit of risk, as we do” Durán commented prior to the presentation at Lincoln Center.

We signed with this production company in Miami, the session that is paid for and signed and who has the rights is this Miami production company that is IAP GroupThey commercialize these rights, seek external capital and pay the license to the family. I don’t know why they don’t sue the family and sue Valentina Berger”, he explained. Duran Good.

“If someone else has the license and we have sold it to a third party, why don’t they sue us? How can it be that they sue a person in provision of services than us. The logical thing is that, if you have a license that the family has sold to you, that you sue the family for selling or duplicating the sale of that license, ”he added.

Yesterday it transpired that a Mexican producer is the one who has the rights to put on a Frida Kahlo musical and that more information will be given soon. Durán commented that in 2019 a license acquisition option was signed with Gou Productionsbut that at the time did not prosper, “Before December I had to have acquired the license.”

“He renounced this consequence of the contract, then I joined as family manager in 2020, I negotiate with them the possibility of recovering that license and selling that license, but they email me for the advance that was given to the family , which was 8 thousand dollars”, he explained about the license negotiations in 2019 and 2020.

This theme evidently comes through Gou Productions. That said, let him do what he has to do, we will take the legal measures from the family and from the production company to legally and communicatively counteract this issue. It surprises me so much, that option (to have the license) was denied and it is documented”, he concluded.

Rights of Frida

It should be said that the rights to the Frida Kahlo brand have been in dispute since Iseult Pinedo, the only one inherited from the painter, gave the brand to a company based in panama. Frida Kahlo Corporation controls 51 percent of the brand.

For their part, the descendants of Pinedo, Mara Romeo and Mara de Anda, considered that the signed agreement was being breached. The most notorious case was in 2018, when the artist’s family managed to stop the commercialization of a Barbie doll.


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