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Fresh and authentic: the secrets of Susan Sarandon to defy the passage of time at 75 years oldIn the last few hours a video has gone viral where she received many compliments for her beauty, but it is not the first time that the actress has revolutionized the networks for its firm stance against stereotypes

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Susan Sarandon’s video that went viral on Twitter and got millions of views

“Mother, activist and actress”, this is how Susan Sarandon defines herself on your Instagram account. The order in which each item is mentioned does not seem casual, but rather the sequence of their priorities. Taking into account the personal struggle she faced to be a mother, the social and environmental causes she has embraced since her adolescence, and the career she chose thanks to the combination of her vocation with a wink of fate, there are no doubts that they are the three facets that identify it. in the last hours his name climbed on Twitter trends for a recent video, where he posed in front of the mirror in a robe.

“I’m 75 years old”, the actress proudly replies, when one of the stylists praises her for her look in the clip that went viral. Indeed, on October 4 she will turn 76, and as she has done on previous occasions, chooses to convey the message that there is no age limit to fight for your ideals. It should be remembered that on the eve of inaugurating her seven decades, she walked the Cannes red carpet in a velvety dress with a deep neckline, breaking down the prejudice about what a Hollywood star can and cannot wear.

Less than three years ago he had suffered a domestic accident that affected his face, and at that time he showed the swelling on his face in close-up and explained: “A small slip turned into a concussion, a broken nose, and a blow to the knee”. Two weeks later she was calm and she said that she began to improve as the days went by, and once she had fully recovered, she went back to recording the clips where she publicized sustainable initiatives in her feed. the protagonist of Thelma and Louise he is not afraid of natural close-ups, or unexpected paparazzi photos when holding up a sign during a demonstration.

As in the Bad Moms saga, Susan Sarandon wore a black leather jacket during an interview about activism (Shutterstock)

In 2017, the magazine fashion consulted him his secrets to defy the passage of time and the first thing he managed to say was: “I still think I’m younger, and I feel it inside!”. He then listed some of the general recommendations that he tries to apply: “You have to stay engaged and curious as an attitude towards life, and I think staying hydrated and not doing anything too extreme as well.” And he added: “Not smoking is very important, take care of yourself from the sun, and I’m not one to drink a lot of alcohol either; while a little wine in moderation is good, too much doesn’t help you stay healthy.”

She also joked about “the good genes her mother gave her,” and tried to steer the conversation toward what she truly considers “beauty.” True to the concept that it is not the container, but what it contains, she advised them to be faithful to her convictions. “The best thing is to be authentic; If I have learned anything with age, it is to be honest with myself and allow myself a little fun from time to time”he explained. In this sense, she placed special emphasis on the damage that permanent comparison with other women can cause, and falling into the obsession of wanting to be someone else.

“The beauty they portray is unfair, arbitrary and capricious, but to me, a beautiful person is someone who is strong and beautiful inside, who intends to leave a better world.; and that is what I try to do in my life, ”she sentenced. In this sense, the long list of their solidarity work includes different themes: traveled to Nepal to launch a campaign to build houses, went to Greece to help rescue refugees and immigrants, is an ambassador for UNICEF and a member of the charity Heifer International, an organization that donates farm animals to families in need to be able to survive

Susan Sarandon dazzled on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017 in a green dress with a crossover neckline
Susan Sarandon dazzled on the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017 in a green dress with a crossover neckline

In 2018, she was arrested while participating in the Women’s March on Washington. She was not her first time, in 1999 she was also arrested in New York when she participated in a peaceful sit-in to protest police violence against the African-American community. “If we weren’t here today, then it would mean that what has happened is acceptable and normal, and I think that doesn’t work. I think it’s time to focus on this issue, and racism is not acceptable. I don’t think we have to cut civil liberties to feel safer “were the words he expressed two decades ago.

Susan Abigail Tomalin -such is her real name, since her stage surname arose from her marriage to Chris Sarandon- she was the first of the nine children born to the marriage of Philip Lesley and Lenora Criscione. Although she grew up in a family of Catholic and traditional values, she used to run away from the nunnery school to participate in the marches to protest the war in Vietnam, and demand civil rights. That same spirit of hers accompanies her to this day, and with a quick tour of her Instagram gallery, all the injustices that she denounces are exposed: homophobia, police brutality, the environment, breast cancer, child poverty, real estate speculation, the death penalty, and animal abuse.

Susan Sarandon at a protest in Washington against Donald Trump's immigration policy a few years ago (AP)
Susan Sarandon at a protest in Washington against Donald Trump’s immigration policy a few years ago (AP)

As for his personal life, when he was just a few years short of his 40th birthday, he was diagnosed with endometriosis, and at that time the doctors assured her that she could only have children if she underwent surgery. However, while she was having an incipient relationship with director Franco Amurri, she became pregnant at the age of 37, and thus her eldest daughter came into the world, Eve, who also dedicated himself to acting. During her long-running romance with Tim Robbins, she became the mother of Jackcurrently film director and Thousandsmusician and actor.

These days Sarandon remains committed to activism, and it is also expected that the project for the third installment of bad moms, where he enjoyed putting on his leather jacket and demonstrating a certain rebelliousness in the skin of the character of Isis. In 2019, she herself confirmed that she was planning to join the trilogy, and that this time the plot would focus on grandmothers, rather than mothers, that is, they would return. Christine Baranskylike Ruth, and Cheryl Hineslike Sandy. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the filming remained one of the pending of her successful career, and on IMDb it appears that it was officially announced, but the production stage has not yet started.


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