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French rapper Timal arrested for beating his dog: “Acts of animal cruelty”

A French rapper was arrested in France for “acts of animal cruelty against a pet“After publishing a video on the Snapchat social network while kicking his dog, the justice indicated.

The 25-year-old artist nicknamed Timal, but whose name is Ruben Louis, “recognizes the facts” and is waiting to confirm it this Thursday before the Meaux prosecutor, about 40 kilometers northeast of Paris, the prosecution said.

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This simplified procedure makes it possible to prosecute some offenses more quickly, as long as the defendant admits the facts. After an agreement with the prosecutor on the sentence, a judge has the last word.

The day before his arrest on Wednesday, Timal had posted a video showing him kicking one of his two dogs in the head three times. In the image you can read: “Go idiot”.

The prosecution indicated that the dogs were seized. “Come on, 5 years old, and Arya, a few months old, they don’t look bad, but they are afraid of people,” tweeted the Action Protection Animale association on Wednesday.

This case is reminiscent of that of French soccer player Kurt Zouma, who was sentenced in June by British justice to 180 hours of general interest work for mistreating his cat and recording it in a video that went viral.


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