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“Free Brittany”


Singer receives approval from a new lawyer

LOS ANGELES (AP) – A new attorney was appointed to represent Britney Spears after a hearing in which the singer spoke through tears about the impact of the case on her life.

Los Angeles, California Superior Court Judge Brenda Penney approved Wednesday that the artist hired former federal prosecutor Matthew Rosengart to represent him. Fans celebrated the decision outside the courtroom.

Rosengart requested that Brittany’s father, James, be removed as guardianship, but this was denied.

The singer spoke for a second hearing in a row, and said at one point that the acts of guardianship, which have dictated her personal and financial affairs since early 2008, are “brutal”.

He said the matter should be closed immediately, but not that he has to undergo further “stupid” evaluation.

Britney Spears spoke briefly to the court, and burst into tears at the end of her remarks.

The hearing, held three weeks after the artist first dramatically addressed court in an open hearing, told Penny that she was being forced to take medication and use an intrauterine device for contraception, which she said she She was not allowed to marry her lover and that she wanted her own money.

“I just want my life back,” the singer said on June 23.

Brittany’s statements led to the resignation of her court-appointed attorney, the withdrawal of a wealth management company that was supposed to oversee her finances, and a series of allegations between her father and a guardian about who to blame. Britney has said that are “outrageous” and need to end.

Supporters of the artist gathered outside the Los Angeles courthouse where the hearing was taking place, just as they did during the recent hearing. Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz appeared to speak to the crowd.

Now everyone knows what Britney Spears wants, and this is the freedom that should be given to every American. Free Britney! “He shouted.

In Washington, a group of Spears supporters performed on the National Mall to support the singer.

Spears has been under court surveillance since 2008, with her father and a team of lawyers controlling her personal affairs and finances. She was going through a personal crisis at the time and her family sought guardianship to protect her.

Over the years the Britney Spears affair developed with little drama, although in recent years doubts have arisen about its duration and the singer’s opinion about it.

This culminated in a recent public inquiry into the court’s conduct, which has led to mostly private hearings for medical and confidential information about the singer.

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