Fredrik Eklund talks about fighting with everyone on 'MDLLA' and proving himself on the West Coast (exclusive)

Fredrik Eklund did not essentially make pals when he jumped Million Greenback Checklist cities, transferring from New York to Los Angeles for the franchise’s thirteenth season OG present.

“I wouldn’t say anyone was friendly back then, no,” Fredrik confesses to ET by way of video chat, zooming in from his house in Bel Air. “However within the Bravo universe, I believe that is the best way it ought to be. If you’re new it’s important to pay your dues, which I’ve definitely achieved this season and it’s important to, you understand, it’s important to. be within the scorching seats. “

Fredrik teases that he is going with virtually everybody within the West Coast forged, which incorporates Josh Altman, UK enterprise companions James Harris and David Parnes, Tracy Tutor and Josh Flagg.

“Tracy and I in particular – I don’t want to say too much – but we have a very, very big fight, like a major,” he teases. “However we love one another a lot. I can actually say that. And we’re additionally very shut, and we’re doing, and I don’t know how it should be described or obtained by the viewers… I do not. I don’t know, but it surely was plenty of tears on each of us. And it was very, very deep. And I am glad to see that. “

“There is a major fight between me and the British – like MajorThere is a major and major fight with the Altmans, like, that takes place over several episodes. The only one I didn’t fight with was Flagg. And I love it, like how can you fight with Flagg? I mean really. “

Effectively, the web says in any other case. Simply days after Fredrik spoke with ET, he discovered himself within the scorching waters of Instagram, accused by his co-stars – particularly Josh Flagg – of stealing Flagg’s thunder when he turned acted to announce that he was transferring brokerages to Douglas Elliman, who simply occurs to be the banner beneath which Fredrik (in addition to Josh Altman and Tracy) works.

Fredrik appears to consider that any friction together with his new forged mates arose from the type of hazing that occurs each time a beginner joins a longtime set within the actuality TV world.

“I’m learning about the new cast,” Fredrik instructed ET. “Like, I know them, but I never filmed with them – with this intensity – until the coming season, and I never fought with them with this intensity and I also reconciled like that. “

Fredrik appeared for a number of cameos on season 12 of MDLLA, when he started residing and dealing on the coasts, after transferring his household – her husband Derek Kaplan and their 3-year-old twins, Milla and Fredrik, Jr. (aka “Freddie”) – to Los Angeles.

“I’m incredibly grateful to have spread to California,” notes Fredrik. “It was the most effective determination I’ve made personally, like Derek and the youngsters, and I am so much calmer. I am sober. There are such a lot of life modifications which have been superb residing in California – the climate. additionally – – however extra importantly, perhaps, the corporate. For instance, we virtually doubled our gross sales as a result of we got here right here, and we had an incredible yr and an incredible summer time – like, loopy numbers right here in California – and that may not occur if I wasn’t there. “

This solely performs right into a theme that surfaced in Season 12, nonetheless, with Brokers of LA feeling territorial of their territory.

“It was very difficult for me to come in, to appear, to get a lot of resistance from the current cast,” he explains, “what I noticed on Twitter, perhaps, half of the present viewers on the time – and making an attempt to, I do not know what I used to be making an attempt to do. I suppose I used to be simply increasing. And I used to be making an attempt to point out folks, like I used to be making an attempt to do. am nonetheless at present, that I am probably the greatest brokers right here and I am actually right here to remain and I work actually onerous and it was proper, it was onerous. So this season, what I am making an attempt to say , is that it is much more rewarding. You realize, I’ve my interviews and I can clarify myself and I’ve my household and my loopy feelings and antics. “

The Cast Of Season 13 Of
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“I believe, collectively, that they had an excellent factor,” he remarks from MDLLA to throw. “The show was incredibly successful and highly rated and enjoyed, and I wasn’t needed for the show to be successful or not. And I recognized it.… They didn’t need me on this show. , right? So I hope, I pray, that I add something to what has already been successful. And I am the underdog and I need to bring something to the table without removing anything from the table. “

Fredrik’s greatest opponent within the Golden State is Altman, with whom he clashed in Season 12 over allegations of company theft. Fredrik admits he caught himself coping with Altman in Season 13, as he stood up and fired again as an alternative of “taking” no matter Altman handed out.

“In previous years maybe I would have, like, backed off and, like, made up and cried and be nice and, like, let’s kiss it,” he shares. “I’m not going to do this anymore, and I don’t need it anymore. I’m like, I’m not going to feel less because someone says I’m less.”

“I admire his business here in Los Angeles,” he provides. “He is probably the greatest folks right here in LA and he is constructed one thing superb. However, it isn’t straightforward to take care of him, for me I am coming as new. And like he tells me. , that is cash on the desk for him once I come right here, so he is very territorial and aggressive.

It is a dynamic just like that of Fredrik Million Greenback New York Checklist together with his longtime rival on this present, Ryan Serhant. However Fredrik mentioned he would take up sparring with Serhant on Altman any day.

“It’s going to get really intense this season. Really, really intense,” he guarantees. “I think Ryan is harmless, because I think Ryan … Ryan is Ryan.”

“I’m very grateful to Ryan in particular because although we fight and disagree, we respect and love each other,” he continued. “We’re like two planets orbiting the identical photo voltaic system, and we have been profitable on one another – that is a reality. With out Ryan, I would not have been so profitable. The identical for him. You realize, we’re. are aggressive. Altman is one other beast in its entirety. “

Bravo superfans observed earlier this yr when Ryan landed the listing for The true housewives of New York Former Bethenny Frankel’s residence in Manhattan, with hypothesis raging in fan boards concerning the type of disagreement effervescent between Bethenny and Fredrik. The 2 beforehand labored collectively, embarking on improvement tasks on the short-lived present. Bethenny & Fredrik.

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“Well, did he sell it?” Fredrik asks, leaning over his webcam whereas making use of lip balm. “It’s my way of giving shade, putting on Chapstick, and lowering my glasses. I don’t know what to say. You know I’m so happy to be here with you calling from Bel Air and talking about ‘other things. “

When in a rush, Fredrik says there actually is not an enormous story behind his falling out with Bethenny. Their relationship ended naturally on the finish of their present.

“I will always admire him,” he mentioned. “I feel like she’s – well, she wouldn’t agree. She told me at the end, we’re not friends because we’re not dating, so I guess we are not friends. I just wanted to It was something that we tried – my God, we tried! – not just with the show, but this business venture, which was very real. invest in all these apartments together, renovate them, and then it went wrong. It really went wrong and it was very exhausting. And I just said, I don’t want to do it again. “

“That doesn’t take away how much fun we had,” Fredrik continues. “I’ve never, ever had so much fun with someone in my life as she does. And she knows that, and she probably would agree. I mean, we were on the floor crying, laughing. We are. so much– I mean, she called me, like, a pregnant woman, which is totally true, because I always need to pee, I’m always hungry, I’m so clumsy. you know, she’s crazy and smart and funny, but would I like her list? No. Ryan can have it. “

Fredrik focuses on the longer term reasonably than the previous, settling into life and enterprise in Los Angeles. He has no plans to surrender his efforts in New York, nonetheless, with hopes of staying on each Million Greenback Checklist reveals – which might mark a Bravo first: a full-time star of a city-based sequence showing frequently on two branches of the franchise.

“I’m just really proud that we got through New York with the pandemic and it’s been a great season,” he mentioned. ‘I am actually happy with LA, I all the time say, I imply, I have never watched any of the LA [season], but it surely’s a kick-ass season forward. … [Of] all of the seasons that I’ve achieved, I’d in all probability say that is my greatest – or it’s the greatest season. “

Million Dollar Ad Los Angeles Kicks off Season 13 with an oversized 90-minute premiere Thursday at 8 p.m. ET / PT on Bravo.