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Freddy Mercury ‘Booed’! This was the disastrous concert of ‘Queen’ in Mexico

Today Freddie Mercury would be turning 76 years old, the vocalist of the popular band Queen marked a before and after within the music industry, because his great songs, In addition to his extravagant personalitymarked a whole generation of rock lovers.

The band Queen went through many emblematic moments in their career, some of them we could see on the tape Bohemian Rhapsody of the year 2019, where Rami Malek played the popular Freddy Mercury.

One of the most important moments for mexican fans of Queen was the visit of the band coming from the United Kingdom with a series of live presentations, however, far from being a pleasant experience, it became one of the concerts most controversial events in Mexico.

Who were Freddie Mercury’s partners?

Queen and her tour of Mexico

During the year of 1981, the band led by Freddie Mercury decided to visit Mexico with a series of concerts, being Puebla, Monterrey and Mexico City the venues for the tour.

However, what seemed to be one of the best tours done in Mexican territory, for Freddie Mercury and company would become one of his worst shows.

The concert got out of hand

During the first show that took place in Puebla, a series of technical problemsWell, receiving a band of the caliber of Queen was something that Mexico was not used to.

things got worse when the band decided to use Mexican hatsaction that was not liked by the public, so they began to throw shoeswhich reached both Freddie and Brian May, guitarist of the group.

According to witnesses who attended the show, the band performed professionally and at no time did they stop playing despite the events, however, when the band left the stage, Mercury said goodbye in a particular way, which was recorded on audio and uploaded to YouTube.

“Sons of f*cks, heap of tacos, bye,” Mercury said.

The YouTube user Manuel Agustin Herrera Badilloshared a small report in which it is commented that the next day Queen gave another concert as if nothing had happened, being the last one that Queen gave in Mexico.

Although the band has done some tours in the company of Adam Lambert as vocalistthe return of the band has not been possible, however, that experience remains during 1981, which although for the band was not pleasant at all, those who attended the show remember it with great affection.


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