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Fred Savage fired from ‘The Wonder Years’ comeback for ‘inappropriate conduct’

Fred Savage fired from 'The Wonder Years' comeback for 'inappropriate conduct'

Fred Savage, the lovable teen who became a Hollywood star thanks to his role as Kevin Arnold wonderful year, The series was dropped from the reboot In which he served as director and executive producer.

Production was decided after an internal investigation by ABC. for charges of “unfair conduct” On the sets of the series which premiered in September last year. You This isn’t the first time the former “Wonder Boy” has faced these allegations.

according to specific site deadlineSeveral production staff complained about Savage’s behavior during the filming of New Chapters of the series, a remake of the story in which he himself starred between 1988 and 1993. Argentina is also known as kevin is growing up with loveAnd it brought him fame.

Savage has been accused of inappropriate behavior on the set of the new "The Wonder Years".

Savage has been accused of inappropriate behavior on the set of the new “The Wonder Years”.

A spokesperson for the ABC series, which belongs to The Walt Disney Company today (in Argentina, the new series is available through the Disney+ platform) confirmed to US portals. end of barbaric bondage with production.

“Recently, we came to know about these allegations Fred Savage’s improper conduct, and as is protocol, an investigation was launched, Upon completion, it was decided to cease his work as executive producer and director. wonderful year”, explained the statement.

So far, neither Savage nor his representatives have appeared to make a statement regarding the decision made by the creation of 20th Television, the former Century Fox.

background of savage

Although no further details were given about what happened in the filming of the new the Wonder YearsThis isn’t the first time Savage, now 45, has received complaints about his conduct.

In 1993, . Costume designer for the original version of wonderful year The actor was sued for sexual harassment.

Actress Elle Mills, who played Savage’s mother on the show, said in a 2018 interview that the trial ended the show prematurely. But at the time, he defended Savage, which he considered a “completely ridiculous” allegation.

The series "The Wonder Years", also called "Kevin, growing up with love" here.

The series “The Wonder Years”, also called “Kevin, growing up with love” here.

However, also in 2018, another internal investigation was launched into the production of the series. Mill-That was spotted by Fox in the United States—due to complaints from a wardrobe worker who bought a . spoke of “Extremely hostile work environment” promoted by the actor.

In addition, he criticized her for her “aggressive behaviour, intimidation and her constant use”. hate speech on female employeesDespite the allegations, the study found “no evidence of wrongdoing.”

those wonderful years and new

Savage rose to fame wonderful year When he was only 13 years old. For his role as Kevin, he received two Golden Globe nominations and two Emmy nominations. The series spanned six seasons and 115 episodes, and was the recipient of several awards, including four Emmys.

"The Wonder Years", the series was renamed "Kevin, Growing Up with Love".

“The Wonder Years”, the series was renamed “Kevin, Growing Up with Love”.

The series followed a boy’s development from pre-adolescence, his romances in school, his friendships and family ties, a time of great change for the United States and the world in the 1960s.

The remake, which has 22 chapters in its first installment, is set at the same time as the original, but offers a new perspective from the point of view of Dean Williams (Elisha Williams), a 12-year-old who plays a role in Montgomery. Part of a middle-class black family. Alabama.


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