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Francisco Cespedes will go on tour

Francisco Cespedes will go on tour

Singer-songwriters leave behind a life of many excesses

MADRID (EFE) .- Dyed hair and nails blue because he likes to “make people question themselves”, Francisco Cespedes has been working on an intimate concert and in the country to carry out various projects on his mind. He returns to Spain for his musical career.

“I came here in 1998. People still remember ‘La Vida Loca’ and get excited. This was where my career really began and the world was in ruins. It coincided with Mexico for about a week, but Alejandro Sanz brought my album to Spain and Miguel Bose introduced me to all the shows,” he recalls.

Beginning with Francisco Cespedes (Cuba, 1957), singers whom he admired “all his life” have remained in his memory, such as Seurat, Antonio Canales, Antonio Gades, Lolita, Rocío Jurado and Rocío Durcal. , “With whom we had very good relations and sadly he left us”.

But there are other artists who forget them. “For a while I had every chance to forget everything because it was always at a very high intensity.”

There is very little left in that “crazy life”. “In those intense nights of dawn without stopping, sleeping without sleep, drugged and drunk, I turned to them for books, culture and history. I took those things out of my life”, he confesses.

The last time he came to Spain to work, a date he doesn’t remember exactly, was with a businessman who didn’t know it was “because I didn’t give any concerts” despite the hype.

In this retreat, Cuba begins her “intimate” tour with Marta Sánchez in Badajoz.