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Francella forecasts the weather for the new year in a delusional Netflix promotional video

Francella forecasts the weather for the new year in a delusional Netflix promotional video

Guillermo Francella is the protagonist of Hail, an Argentine original Netflix film that will arrive very soon on the platform. This was announced this Wednesday by the streaming giant through its networks and in a very particular way.

Miguel Flores, El infallible, gives you the weather forecast for the end of the year dinnerSo you don’t get caught off guard by rain, hail, or a questioning aunt ”, was the message that appeared on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts, accompanying a video where Francella gives the report for Friday, December 31.

In plan Standapero meteorologist who ironizes about certain common places that usually occur during the Argentine tables at the end of the year, Ramos presents the segment: “New Year’s Eve is coming, we all get together for dinner. And it is very important that they take this forecast into account to take the necessary precautions ”.

In Hail, Francella Is The Meteorologist Miguel Flores, Nicknamed &Quot;El Infallible&Quot;.

In Hail, Francella is the meteorologist Miguel Flores, nicknamed “El infallible”.

“You have to bear in mind that it is going to be a day where the temperature will be pleasant, except when the table starts talking about politics. There the thermometer will probably go up a few degrees, so it is important to know this in order to turn on the fan or change the subject abruptly, ”he advises.

“Of course, you have to try to avoid football issues because a fresh front can be unleashed here, in the chest area,” he graphs.

“Averaging dinner, it is convenient to regulate alcohol intake due to the risk of limited visibility and possible newsfeeds and showers. When approaching midnight the chances of your aunt asking about your boyfriend or girlfriend go up to 75%, those of the nona falling asleep, well, they go up to 80%. And those of the drunk uncle being ashamed, well, there they rise to 95% ”, continues Francella.

&Quot;Hail&Quot;, Is It A Meteorological Or A Cinematographic Phenomenon?

“Hail”, is it a meteorological or a cinematographic phenomenon?

“But what we can assure you is that we will have Hail -pauses -… the movie, and it arrives very soon to Netflix. I, Miguel Flores, the infallible one, I guarantee it”, Closes Francella in the video of little more than a minute.

A meteorologist who fails and is rediscovered

“A famous television meteorologist becomes public enemy number one when he fails to prevent a terrible hail storm. This will force the meteorologist to flee from the great Capital to find refuge in his hometown, which will lead to a journey of rediscovery as absurd as it is human. “

This is the official synopsis of this dramatic comedy in which Francella is the central character and which is completed with a great cast: Romina Fernandes, Peto Menahem, Martín Seefeld, Laura Fernández, Nicolás Scarpino, Viviana Saccone, Pompeyo Audivert and Eugenia Guerty.

Hail Opens In 2022. According To Netflix And Francella, &Quot;Very Soon.&Quot;

Hail opens in 2022. According to Netflix and Francella, “very soon.”

Directed by Marcos Carnevale, and with a script by Nicolás Giacobone and Fernando Balmayor, Hail is a production of Ktz Entertainment and Leyenda Films, in association with Infinity Hill.

The filming of Hail had begun at the beginning of May in the city of Córdoba. Back then, the star of Married with kids Y The Secret in Their Eyes He spoke of his first job since the arrival of the pandemic. “I was unemployed all the time (for the past year), but we are happy to return, to generate jobs,” he said.

He then referred to the impact of streaming at the cinema. “Platforms like Netflix are producing a lot and generating sources of work. There are several series and films in pre-production. Traditional cinema today is a bit forgotten to do, because it is very difficult to generate cinema as it was generated before,” he reflected.

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