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Former partner of Octavio Ocaña, Nerea Godínez, clarifies if she already has a new romance

Almost a year after the death of actor Octavio Ocaña, who played Benito Rivers in the popular TV series Neighboursthe news about the tragic case have not stopped arriving.

A few days ago it became known that the chapel where the actor rests was destroyed, to which Bertha Ocaña, sister of the actor, gave his opinion about the event through Instagram and in an exclusive interview for the program Gossip of MULTIMEDIA.

Now, Nerea Godinez, who was the actor’s partner Before her death, she was interviewed exclusively for Gossipwhere he gave new updates on the Ocaña case.

Chapel of Octavio Ocaña, actor of ‘Neighbors’, was vandalized and robbed; This is how his family denounced him: “shameful”

Nerea Godínez responds to rumors of a new relationship

The also businesswoman began by clarifying the rumors about a possible relationshipwhich she denied, adding that she is not interested in a new romance.

“The truth is that since the pages love to gossip but no, the truth is that I’m not even interested,” he clarified.

Ocaña’s ex-partner talks about the grieving process with his son

Godínez continues the interview telling how difficult it has been to cope with the loss of the actor, narrating how complicated it was to heal while his son was also affected by the events.

“It was super complicated because the first month he was living with my sister, well because I was still like shock”, assured Nerea.

“The truth is that no” Godínez clarifies that he did not receive threats

At the end of the interview, Nerea Godínez comments the fear of receiving threats After Ocaña’s death, fortunately this never happened.

In addition, he took up what Bertha González said about the forthcoming closure of the investigation folder, adding that currently the case has not had great changes.

“We continue with the same, obviously nothing new has come out that we do not know or that we have not realized,” he concluded.


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