Former Mendoco died of a heart attack at the age of 51

Ray Reyes was considered one of the best voices in the band Rayudo.

New York.- Ray Reyes Leone, Member of Little During the golden age of quintet who recently participated in reunion projects such as the tour “Get on my bike”, Dead. He was 51 years old.

“King To die Tomorrow (friday) Massive heart attack At his home in Puerto Rico, “Lides GarcĂ­a Acosta, president of the Grands Eventos Agency who handled the public relations” Go on my moto tour “on Saturday.” “Dr. Ramon Jarena testifies to his death.”

Garcia Avosta stated that Raul Reyes, the singer’s brother, will arrive on the island this Saturday, May 1, to take responsibility for the funeral arrangements.

The company issued a statement Report death It signifies that “In this moment of pain, the family calls for space … We appreciate their honor and respect.”

Joined Menudo in 1983 With Xavier Serbia and the group to replace their debut album, “A Toodoo Rock”, they performed songs such as “See to No Ares”, “Chickle d’amore” and “Zumbador”.

In 1986, he recorded a solo album, “once again”

In the late 90s he accompanied many of his teammates to the Collizio di San Juan, “El Rencontro” for a series of concerts, which also took part in Farrat, Lozada, Miguel Cancell, Ricky Melez, Charlie Maso.

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