Home Entertainment Former K-pop star to be accused of raping EXO

Former K-pop star to be accused of raping EXO

Former K-pop star to be accused of raping EXO

Chris Wu, which would gain fame with the group of K-POP EXO (composed of non-Korean members); Is in the midst of a scandal of sexual assault on minors, as student uncovers 19 years and influencer do mezu.

What went viral during the interview Weibo (widest social network in Asia), do mezu Accused Chris at least raped 30 womenall minors, including those who were at the time 17 years When the meeting reportedly took place.

According to his account, Chris used fans meeting with their followers to choose the ones they like the most and then take them to a “private meeting”in which he allegedly forced them drink wine And then become intimate with them. Makes sure that the model never used protection.

After the incident went viral singer -Who sued SM Entertainment 2014 to terminate your contract EXO. with– Used his social network to refute the allegations:

“I have only seen Du Meizu once in the evening with friends. There was no rape and no one made anyone drink drugs or alcohol to rape her,” he said. If that sort of thing happened, please everyone calm down, I’ll go to jail!”

Brands dumps Chris and leaves him without sponsorship

For its part, their representation agency claimed that it would take legal action against the artist against malicious rumors, however, different brands of which it was the face They decided to take away his protection.

a) yes, Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, Lancme and L’Oréal, among others, issued separate statements to announce the end of her relationship with Chris Wu.

on the other hand, in Weibo Various labels were generated in which various women showed their support for Du Meizu, while demanding “absurd” demands of Chinese justice so that victims could proceed to report.

LeeVictim also asked Chris to leave show business and apologize to other victims.

He also alleged that 30 year old actor tried to buy her silence with 500,000 yuan (about $77,100); A statement that his agency seeks to defame the artist with alleged false allegations was part of the student’s bribe, according to the company’s statement. infobae.

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