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Former Employee Reports Abuse to Shakira, She Won’t Let Her Workers Look Her in the Eye!

Former Employee Reports Abuse to Shakira, She Won't Let Her Workers Look Her in the Eye!

Colombian singer Shakira is in the eye of the hurricane after a former employee of hers filed a complaint of abuse, accusing the artist of not allowing her workers to look her in the eye. It may interest you: Two wild boars attacked Shakira in a park

The former worker’s name is Cristina Cárdenas and she revealed the situation in an exclusive interview for Telecinco de España.

“You can’t look Shakira in the eye, you can’t take pictures of her, you can’t talk to her, you can’t talk to her, it’s strictly forbidden,” the former employee said to great effect and became public on social media quickly viral. The former collaborator, who served as extras coordinator for some Shakira videos, comments that she saw and received the singer’s abuse, which she now denounces. Cárdenas accused Shakira of not being a good person and treating her employees badly since they can’t even speak to her directly. Shakira. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue) He also said that the Colombian delayed several projects due to his bad attitude and arrogance.

“She’s bossy! A Shakira spot that could last four hours based on the footage ends up being around 17.” Cárdenas assured that if there are people who stand out more than she said, in the same way, she takes them out bluntly. “The directors, the production company and everyone is desperate. And if there is a woman who stands out more than her, she throws her out of the shoot, that’s why it’s impossible to work alongside her, no one wants to go shooting with her… the team is desperate.” The former collaborator dived into Spanish Media a Cristina was energetic and left the charismatic Shakira very badly according to her statements in Spain. “You have to turn around when she walks by, that no one can have a cell phone or take a picture of her and that if a girl shows up more effusive than her, she’ll be kicked out of the shoot,” the former worker concluded at the moment Neither Shakira nor her team have commented on the allegations.

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