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For touching his back, Andrés García threatened Gustavo Adolfo Infante with a pistol

Andrés García has received the journalist at his home in Acapulco on previous occasions (Photo: CUARTOSCURO/Getty Images)

Andres Garcia has been in the middle of the conversation in recent days, as the veteran actor has alerted his followers by giving details of his deteriorating state of healthin addition to the fact that his statements about his family life have not gone unnoticed.

It is known that the 81-year-old actor has a strong temperament and forceful personalityso on many occasions has starred in fights and disagreements with other figures of the show business

Such is the case of the most recent statements of the actor born in the Dominican Republic, who in a live interview launched multiple insults against Roberto Palazueloswho for many years was his protégé, even comparing him in attachment above his children.

the protagonist of Pedro navaja challenged the “black diamondto a gunfightand even set the date of September 15 at 3:00 p.m. to meet the businessman in a square in Acapulco, Guerrero.

“I am going to send a little message to the little priest Palazuelos: Robertito, I invite you on September 15, if you have pants, come to Plaza del Carmenere and we’re going to give each other a couple of shots, you and me like men, c*lero. September 15, 3 in the afternoon, I’ll wait for you there, bastard, and stop talking about me, son of a bitch, ”the actor launched, visibly enraged, in a recent broadcast of First hand.

After that, now the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante remembered that he has also witnessed the violent character of the veteran artist, because on one occasion the former leading man of Mexican cinema threatened him putting a gun to his facethis because Infante touched his back.

Gustavo Adolfo has a cordial relationship with the former Mexican movie heartthrob, and in his program he told him that "he carries it in his heart" (Photo: Twitter)
Gustavo Adolfo has a cordial relationship with the former Mexican movie heartthrob, and in his program he told him that “he carries it in his heart” (Photo: Twitter)

“One day Andrés García took a gun from me, he invited me to eat. We went to a meat restaurant there on Insurgentes and Eje 7, we were there, I went to the bathroom, I came back and Andrés had moved to a table next toI was talking with some gentlemen, I didn’t know who they were, “the reporter began to relate on his program the sun rises.

According to the presenter of The minute that changed my destiny, he touched Garcia’s back so as not to interrupt their conversation with the other men, however the actor from The privilege of loving He didn’t take the gesture well and got furious.

“Then I come back from the bathroom and I tell him, ‘hey Andrés,’ and I touch his back, to say ‘I’m here,’ and He turns around and pulls out the gun and puts it in my face. I tell him ‘Andrés’, and he tells me ‘never touch me from behind’, and no, I won’t do it again”.

Latin Lover also witnessed the veteran actor's impulsive and violent character (Photos: Ig/@victor_latinlover Ig/@andresgarciatvoficial)
Latin Lover also witnessed the veteran actor’s impulsive and violent character (Photos: Ig/@victor_latinlover Ig/@andresgarciatvoficial)

The reporter’s comment was seconded by his fellow broadcaster Joanna Vega Biestrowho said he was a witness when, some years ago, Andrés took out his pistol in desperation because they would not let him go to the forum recording of a morning program in Televisa where I would make an intervention.

In addition to this, a few days ago the driver and fighter Latin Lover narrated an episode that he lived next to García, where his fondness for firearms was clear to him. “Many people do not know: when I was in gardenia perfume with the, we had a big conflict him and me. And he, well, is Andrés García”, he began by telling Latin in an interview given to the sun rises.

And it is that the conflict between both characters would have derived after Andrés will criticize the wrestler’s acting performance in the musicalso he had to defend his work and explained why he moved so much on stage.

It was thus that the father of Andrés, Leonardo and Andrea García challenged him to a confrontation: “One day he told me: ‘I’m not as young as you anymore, but I challenged you to a duel with bullets‘ he told me at the time. You already know that the gentleman is brave”.


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