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For the abundance of reality shows on TV, now l have been linked to reality fiction

For the abundance of reality shows on TV, now l have been linked to reality fiction

As if on-screen reality shows weren’t enough, now an imaginary reality comes. Colombian movie premieres this Sunday, August 1, Amazon Prime Video reality, a drop that comes to join the ocean of such programs that flood television.

This fiction asks the audience questions “What would you be willing to do to make your biggest dream come true?”. This is the story of Camillo, An upper class boy who signs up to sing popular music on a reality show without the approval of your friends and family.

how is the movie

The point is, you know your talent isn’t enough to win the competition, and then pretending to be blind and poor To be selected to participate in the program, to get the first place. And then there’s your chance to win it.

Reality, A Colombian Film From Amazon Prime Video, Is Available Starting Sunday.

Reality, a Colombian film from Amazon Prime Video, is available starting Sunday.

For this he hires the patriarch of a humble and charming family, Cuka, who opens the doors of his house for a small amount of money, despite the fact that the eldest daughter, Constanza, disapproves of the lie. But as he gains popularity, Camilo realizes that life is not a reality show and that, Although love is blind, there is no one more blind than the one who does not want to see.

they work Veronica Orozco, Alejandro González, Luis Eduardo Arango, Jorge Enrique Abello, Kevin Bari, Jose Daniele Cristancho, Laura de Leon, Eduardo López, Diego Monroe and Yolanda Rayo, among others. This 2018 Colombian production lasts one hour 44 minutes.

fashionable in a pandemic

Twenty years before reality shows landed on television, they had a good day, and then fell out of favor. until the pandemic put them in the running again.

Singing, dancing, cooking, sewing or football story, in this year and a half since the pandemic broke out, the reality format had a variety of themes. With participants well known or unknown to the general public, he established himself as the great television star of the moment.

Last year and this year, Bake Off was the leading one among those seeing each other. Destined by Telefe to find a new star pastry chef, he was the first to wake up to downcast television screens, who in March last year were surprised by the pandemic, with projects shortened and postponed.

Reality, Colombian Film That Moves From Fiction To Genre.

Reality, Colombian film that moves from fiction to genre.

In a jury led by Paula Chaves and composed of Christophe Crivonis, Damien Betular and Pamela Villar, it had an unexpected component that added to the scandal and the ratings. The involvement of Samant Casas, a professional pastry chef, caused such a stir on social networks that the production had to change the rules of the game.

Then came Cantando 2020, in July last year. While Marcello Tinelli decided to spend a year away from the screen, Cantando’s version premiered at El Tres, a choice more tailored to social distancing times than the classic Ballando. It was Laurita Fernandez’s debut as a host alongside ngel de Brito.

great success

was undoubtedly the biggest success masterchef celebrity. They made their debut in October and under the leadership of Santiago del Moro, they have established themselves as last year’s great favorites with a loyal audience at all costs.

The program was also established as new television stars were the jurors Donato de Santis (who was already famous, but here he showed other aspects), Damien Betular and Germán Martigui. Going for the second season and have reached the peak of 30 points.

Apparel Design Reality Show cut and confectionary, Hosted by Andrea Politi in El Tres, there was a version with celebrities, although it barely reached an average of 5 to 6 points, enough to be a part of the event.

El Reality, A Colombian Film By Amazon Prime Video

El Reality, a Colombian film by Amazon Prime Video

On the same day as the end of the second edition of MasterChef Celebrity, La Voz Argentina debuted on the side, dedicated to finding the best singers in the country. The numbers continue with the program led by Marley and of which Ricardo Montaner, Lali Esposito, Soledad Pastorutti and Maui and Ricky Montaner are part of the jury.

Academy, a somewhat modified version of Dance, The format was chosen by Marcelo Tinelli to return to television in May of this year. The jury consists of डीngel de Brito, Carolina “Pumpita” Ardohain (replaced by Guillermina Valdés), Jimena Barron and Hernán Piquin.

Public television also has its own reality show, Argentine female correspondent, in this case with an item previously unheard of: football. For a month, under the leadership of Mariano Pelufo, he has been looking for the best soccer narrator in Argentina.

El Reality, A Colombian Film By Amazon Prime Video

El Reality, a Colombian film by Amazon Prime Video

Clearly, reality shows are back to stay. Before the end of the year, another season of bake. and for 2022. third edition of masterchef celebrity, among others. Reality for a while. You themed film, which will be available on Amazon Prime Video starting this Sunday.