For Roasted Meat! Juan Solar and Yordi Rosado were able to go to jail

The driver and actor recount a funny but dangerous moment they lived in during a vacation.

Mexico.- Juan Solar and Yordi Rosado They recognized that They maintain a close friendship relationship, Which has been full of unique and very funny moments. recently, Actor told an experience That they almost cost freedom, because both Argentines and Mexicans They were going to jail For a fad.

Is roasted carnita going to be made or not?

Juan was a guest on the “Member to the Air” program, where he recounted that during a solo trip – the time in which he and Yordie were separated from their wives – they almost ended up behind bars due to a custom.

The actor said that to welcome the new year, they usually had a Roast the meat in the open air. However, Yordi and juan They had a crazy idea Put a grill Of the hotel in his bedroom. The actor indicated that Grill They are on the roof of the place and They are forbidden to move From there

“We were in an apartment where You can’t grillThey have a roof, but you can’t fit the grill, and there were three grills outside this hotel. We said do we put it? We put it in, ”Yordi said.

The actor and presenter indicated that They managed to escape the surveillance of the hotel, So they started cooking inside their rooms, but The smoke blew them away. A few minutes later, the police knocked on her door.

Juan Soler said, “We were little nuts with the meat and all this, and the security rushed in with the police and told us: You have five seconds to return the grill, if they don’t all go to jail,” Juan Solar said.

Luckily, Juan Solar and Yordi Rosado They did not go to jail, but left with a desire to enjoy the roasted carnita, yes, they learned their lesson.

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