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For economic reasons? This is the reason for a possible enmity between Shakira and Luis Miguel

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For a couple of months the Colombian singer, Shakira has been involved in a series of controversies. From her separation with her husband, the national team, Piqué to her financial problems that she has presented in Spain.

The Prosecutor’s Office in Barcelona requested more than eight years in prison and a fine of about 24 million euros for the singer. Now a new controversy is added with one of the greatest exponents of pop and mariachi music in Mexico.

In the midst of all the controversies that Shakira is going through, Mira magazine shared data about an alleged bad relationship between Luis Miguel and the interpreter of Congratulations.

What happened between Luis Miguel and Shakira?

Shakira and Luis Miguel are two of the greatest exponents of Latin music and for many it was strange that until now there had been no type of collaboration together. The possible reason came to light and it is a contempt of the singer towards El Sol de México.

“A few years ago, L.uis Miguel had the intention of collaborating with Shakira so that she would participate in the making of one of her albums. Luis Miguel’s idea was for the Colombian singer-songwriter to compose three songs for him, but both artists could never reach an agreement,” the program Chisme No Like quoted Mira magazine.

Everything seems to indicate that the economic proposal as well as the style of songs requested by the Puerto Rican singer were the reasons why Shakira decided not to accept the collaborationprovoking the anger of Luis Miguel.

Both singers in the remake: El Zorro

Although the magazine does not give details about the date on which this enmity between the singers occurred, their paths could join years later in the remake of El Zorro. Both artists were considered for the project but in the end neither of them was involved.

El Sol de México would be a special guest, but he decided to reject the invitation since he believed it would overshadow his career as a singer.while Shakira was contemplated as the protagonist but considered that her English was not enough to film a movie.


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