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Following on from the successful Easttown mare, the new Kate Winslet comes from an Argentinean writer

Kate Winslet ready to do what will be her third series for HBO An adaptation of a recent best seller ConfidenceThe novel by the Argentine writer Hernán Diaz He grew up in Sweden and lives in New York.

Winslet comes from creating two successful series for a three-letter series: Mildred Piercein 2011, and Easttown’s Mare since last year. In both cases, she picked up an Emmy for Best Actress.


Confidence Tells the story of a wealthy financier, in varying voices and styles, who is unhappy with a novel that portrays him and his wife and hires a secretary to write a ghost memoir to set the record straight. keeps. However, the secretary learns that the financier is rewriting history and his wife’s place in it.

A crime story that heals and delivers.  Easttown's mare, focus on the landscape Revista

A crime story that heals and delivers. Easttown’s mare, focus on the landscape Revista

Actress and Executive Producer

Confidence HBO entered the development phase after a premium cable channel bought the rights to Diaz’s second novel, whose first book, in the distanceBecame a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, no less.

other projects

While the new HBO project begins to mature, at the end of the year we’ll see Winslet Inn Avatar 2Under the orders of James Cameroni.e. together again on a poster as it happened with them in the super successful (and box office) titanica,

She is also in pre-production for her lead role as model-turned-war photographer Elizabeth “Lee”. Miller in independent drama ReadingFrom director Ellen Kuras.

As in "Titanic", James Cameron and Kate Winslet reunite in "Avatar 2".

As in “Titanic”, James Cameron and Kate Winslet reunite in “Avatar 2”.

a very special police

Mare Sheehan, that special police officer, is already a beloved character for Winslet. “I’m amazed that audiences have fallen in love with this deeply flawed, chaotic, broken, fractured, tough woman. I loved her marks and scars and her mistakes, and the fact that she had an off switch or There’s no stop button. That’s just ‘Let’s go!’ knows”, defines the actress.

Kate Winslet in a scene from the HBO fiction "Mare of Easttown".

Kate Winslet in a scene from the HBO fiction “Mare of Easttown”.

“Not only did I have to completely hide in the character, but I also had to hide the story, keep the secret,” he said. “I kept it a secret since 2018, when I first read the script. My job was to take them on this terrifying journey and pray to God that they would finally be ready to go with me on the scaffold…”

Hernán Diaz, Argentina and exile…

In Confidence (Riverhead, 2022), Hernan Diaz communicates these conflicting stories and Adds a little more tension with the perspective of a woman bent on separating fact from fiction, The result is a novel within a novel, spanning more than a century and getting more exhilarating with each new revelation.

Argentinian writer- New York resident- Hernán Diaz.

Argentinian writer- New York resident- Hernán Diaz.

Born in Buenos Aires, Hernán Diaz’s parents fled a military dictatorship and went into exile in Sweden. who seized power on 24 March 1976; The boy was 2 years old.

His mother was a psychoanalyst and his father was a photographer, filmmaker, and an active member of the Trotskyist political group. Left-wing extremists jointly ran a bookstore that banned dictatorships.

From New York, where he lives, Diaz explained it this way in a recent note with the online literary website Interview,

“As a self-willed American, I am deeply interested in this country’s thoughts about myself. Confidence I was interested in the role that money plays in American national identity, The myth of the self-made man who stands up on his own with hard work and ingenuity“, he said online.


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