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Fofo Márquez appears beaten by King Grupero; they filter video of the aggression

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flabby marquezcontroversial influencer, he was allegedly physically assaulted by King Grupero. In a video, bloody, the content creator mentioned that he wanted to face Klitbo’s ex-boyfriend; neverthelessthey put together a four and broke his “head”. In the meantime, The King of jokes leaked the moment of the attack, where he was also injured.

It was through several stories that he uploaded on his Instagram where Fofo Márquez denounced that King Grupero allegedly occupied more people to “assault” him, despite the fact that he had only gone to fight with him.

“I had eggs. I left the trucks somewhere else and got into a car with him (Rey Grupero) and he gave me a foursome… for trusting this asshole, I literally complied. She’s a mother… to do this kind of thing. mine dad told you that you don’t play with me, right now they’re going to sew me up and everything, “said Fofo.

This is how Fofo Márquez was left after the aggression of King Grupero

In this sense, in front of a paramedic who was in the ambulance, Fofo spoke about what they did to him and what the doctors had to do to his head, where he was injured.

“I went alone and you did not comply, no my Rey Grupero you are not going to finish them. Fuck four that they put me. Doc, can you tell me what happened to me, “said Fofo Márquez.

“Look, we have a skull wound, three or four centimeters, we have to remove a plate, do a wash because there is a bit of glass, we have to suture up to six to seven stitches,” replied the paramedic.

Finally, Fofo reiterated that King Grupero is going to pay them:

“Well, they are going to operate on me and mine is going, this is not going to stay like this, I told you not with me,” he concluded.

Rey Grupero is also injured; filter video

On the other hand, King Grupero reacted. He assured that he will have to learn to control his outbursts:

“I have to learn to calm my outbursts, my ego. I let myself be tricked by a kid who… I took him to a neighborhood street and we provoked the people who were there and well he didn’t know what to do. They hit him horribly, well they are mistakes, “concluded King Grupero.

However, he also denied Fofo, with a video showing that he supposedly did not give him a four, that he was by his side and that in the end he ended up being beaten by Fofo’s bodyguards in the streets of Prealvillo, CdMx.

Fofo Márquez reiterates that it was a four

After Rey Grupero’s response, Fofo pointed out that the bodyguards were supposedly just doing their job. He also uploaded a video in which he appears bandaged, after the stitches that were made to his head.

“I was left unconscious, the point is that my security elements beat him, it is his job. Obviously they couldn’t stay like that -his bodyguards-, because it is certain that they did it, because it was a four, “said Fofo.


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