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Flor Rubio reveals what she will do with the money Pepillo Origel has to pay her

Flor Rubio qué hará con dinero que le dará Origel

Origel must compensate Flor Rubio for the non-pecuniary damage it caused her in 2016, following some controversial statements.

MEXICO CITY.- blond flower revealed what it is something will make do with the money that Juan José “Pepillo” Origel will make up for the moral damage he caused to her a few years ago with misogynist statements.

The presenter of “Venga la Alegría” took the opportunity to note that she did not seek financial compensation in her lawsuit against her colleague, but stressed that the authority orders it because of the nature of the legal process it is conducting so that the driver of “With Permission” to obey the law and pay Flor, she repeated, however, that nOr will he keep the money give him

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Flor Rubio reveals what she will do with the money Pepillo will give her

Even if it is not known yet the amount of money that Origel must pay Flor Rubio, the Grupo Formula journalist assured that any amount is will donate it in full for some Foundation, endowment to devote oneself support the fight against abuse and mistreatment in the direction Women.

The journalist also hinted at it afterwards the ruling of the nation’s Supreme Court For his own benefit, he hopes that no one else will be labeled a “prostitute” and raped by his own kind.

“For my children, and for the women of this country who come after me, who can equally be hurt, I think this will set a precedent so that it doesn’t happen again,” emphasized Flor Rubio.

It should be noted that in addition to the payment he has to make, Pepillo also has to make this to Origel offer a public apology, it must occupy the same space used for the note publishing his misogynist remarks (his apology is expected to feature prominently on the cover of TV Notas).

What was the offense Pepillo Origel committed against Flor Rubio?

In 2016, the aforementioned magazine published on its cover that Juan José Origel confirmed this Flor Rubio has managed to position himself as one of the most important entertainment journalists in Mexico thanks to the fact that he had maintained relationships with the executives of the companies in which worked.

Pepillo Origel reacts to Flor Rubio

According to the sentence issued by the the Nation’s Supreme Court (SCJN) Juan José Origel decided to speak to ensure he had won the trial because “the court agreed with him”.

Similarly, Pepillo mentioned that wait for Flor Rubio to change his mind Well, he assures that the driver knows it’s a lie that he defamed her in a briefing with the press.

“Today I woke up with news. remember that Demand I had from Mrs. Flor Rubio 3 or 4 years ago who reproached me for saying this, to the others, that well Today she came out and talked about what she had won for the court agreed with him. me something it seems very strange to me is that for three years I had won because the court had agreed with me (…) Absolutely, like I don’t know much about any of this Because my lawyers see it, the only thing I tell them is that my lawyers They told me I had already wonWell, now it turns out she won,” he said on his YouTube channel.

The entertainment journalist added: “The only thing I want to say is that I made a mistake yes but you have to investigate because they sold what I told him Magazine TV Notes And who was”.

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