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Flavio Etcheto, pioneer of electronic music and member of Gustavo Cerati’s band, died

Flavio Etcheto, pioneer of electronic music and member of Gustavo Cerati's band, died

On the afternoon of this Thursday, January 6, At the age of 52, the musician, composer-producer and Flavio Etcheto died., because of a cancer that affected him for a long time.

He played for many years, between 1998 and 2004, as member of Gustavo Cerati’s band, with whom he collaborated very closely in the making of the albums Puff Y Always is today.

But he not only shared music with the leader of Soda Stereo in his solo career but also in parallel electronic music bands like Roken. In addition, he recorded in Holy colors (from Cerati-Melero) and played the famous trumpet of the theme It was, from Soda, on the album Dynamo.

Flavio Etcheto Was A Close Collaborator In Gustavo Cerati'S Solo Plan.

Flavio Etcheto was a close collaborator in Gustavo Cerati’s solo plan.

A name from the ’90s

Flavio He was one of the great musicians who emerged in the ’90s, when a new generational change gave rise to the so-called “sonic rock” movement. There was Flavio Etcheto, who together with his group Resonantes made his debut in a compilation with other bands such as Tía Newton (where Carca was), Los Brujos and Demonios de Tasmania.

However, Etcheto’s debut on the music scene had been in the late ’80s, when a work published under the name La algodonera attracted the attention of Daniel Melero, who not only produced his first work, but also incorporated it into their own records Conga Y Camera, in addition to giving participation in the project Holy Colors that united Melero with Cerati.

The next step in the musician’s career was to be part of the production of Dynamo Y Dream Stereo, to become fully involved, later, in the realization of Puff, Cerati’s second solo album, which also marks the definitive launch of his solo plan, with his own band, to which Etcheto joins.

In parallel with his work as a member of the group that accompanied the singer and together with him, the musician created the duo Ocio, and later, with the incorporation of Leandro Fresco, the Roken group.

Among the works that mark his solo career are the EP Super bright, in which he puts his electronic concept in favor of the pop song; Sled, album recorded between 1995 and 1996; in addition to the mini album Triptych.

During the first decade of the new century, with Isla de los Estados he published the albums Latitude (2007) and Express (2010), in addition to several singles; among them, Frenzy, from 2019; One round, from 2020; Y When he calls her, published in 2021.

Among The Records Etcheto Released Is &Quot;Trineo&Quot;, Recorded Between 1995 And 1996.

Among the records Etcheto released is “Trineo”, recorded between 1995 and 1996.

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