Home Entertainment Five years after his death, Juan Gabriel continues to shine

Five years after his death, Juan Gabriel continues to shine

Five years after his death, Juan Gabriel continues to shine

His distinctive voice, singing and magnificence made him a genius.

MEXICO CITY (EFE) .— Distinctive in his type, revolutionary and controversial, Juan Gabriel was not afraid to be himself and on his manner left a legacy of common Mexican music recognized and admired all through the world. 5 years after his demise, his greatness endures.

“Juan Gabriel was controversial, he was a crowd singer, a genius as a result of solely a genius connects with the human race in any self-discipline. They are saying that humanity doesn’t forgive the triumph and he was born to triumph and he was triumphing, “says Eduardo Magallanes, musician and personal friend of” El Divo de Juárez. “

Though Magellan denies having benefit, Juan Gabriel’s profession wouldn’t be understood with out his determine, since in 1971 he gave the singer the primary alternative with a contract at RCA Víctor: “I did my job and we gave him the chance, like anyone else. that comes with a different proposal, and over time he showed us that he was a great genius ”.

With no picture or ceremony, Alberto Aguilera Valadez, his actual identify, acquired a contract at age 21 after which Juan Gabriel was born, a reputation he utilized in honor of his father and his college instructor who helped him go away behind a lifetime of tragedies .

The son of peasant dad and mom, Juan Gabriel confronted poverty as a toddler, loneliness in an orphanage, jail for a criminal offense he didn’t commit, and the accusations of a conservative society.

In the identical yr, he started his profession with the success of “I have no money” after which started a prolific profession of greater than 1,800 songs and 10 million data bought.

“Nobody knew what Juan Gabriel was going to be, we all described him and learned to live with someone of that size,” says Magallanes, who firmly believes that the singer born in Parácuaro, Michoacán, in 1950 was “a bearer check” with assured success.

The identify of Juan Gabriel has gone down in historical past and has turn into a legend together with that of different composers, reminiscent of Agustín Lara, José Alfredo Jiménez and Armando Manzanero.

“He was one of the four great composers in terms of quantity and variety of production,” says author Juan Villoro.

One of many largest controversies by which he was concerned was his presentation in 1990 on the Palacio de Bellas Artes, in Mexico Metropolis, having been attacked by many, however praised by others, reminiscent of Carlos Monsiváis and the cultural promoter Nacho. Tuscan.

“There were many aberrant intellectuals who refused to allow Juan Gabriel to sing in Fine Arts, as if he had been a stranger to them. He represented the sum of the popularity of the people, their ‘sentimentality’ and their morality ”, says Magellan.

As traditional, the occasion was successful and the expertise was repeated twice years later.

One other of his nice and fixed controversies was his sexual orientation, which he by no means needed to overtly acknowledge and with which he challenged Mexican macho society together with his effeminate actions and costumes, at a time when sexual range was unacceptable.

“Juan Gabriel broke with the erotic and gender-defining prejudices so established in Mexico and had an extraordinarily brave attitude to become a character, his own name is already a reinvention of himself,” says Villoro.

For Magallanes the genius of Juan Gabriel is in his voice. Juan Villoro agrees and provides his nice capability “histrionic as a sentimental manipulator”.

“His voice and his song were prodigiously his greatest attribute, the tool and vehicle to connect with people, his songs have great value, but his voice was what made him connect with people,” says Magallanes.

For his half, singer Diego Verdaguer, additionally an in depth pal, enhances his goodness with altruistic acts.

“He was a free man who was seeking to improve himself and grow spiritually, he knew his weaknesses but he always wanted to make others happy and live happily, so he composed wonderful songs,” he says.

On August 28, 2016, Juan Gabriel handed away in Santa Monica, California, on the age of 66 because of cardiac arrest, leaving an immense legacy in Mexican music and an inconceivable area to fill. Nonetheless at this time there are those that imagine that he’s nonetheless alive and can reappear at any second.