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Fito Pez surprised with a message on Instagram where he announced the album and tour for “Love After Love”.

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Last night, at exactly 24 hours, Fito Paez shared a video on his Instagram account celebrating the 30th anniversary of the album love after lovewas released on 1 June 1992 and became Best seller in the history of Argentine rockand highlighted that “all the sensibilities associated with that album were and are beautiful”.

“One day they call you and tell you love after love It’s been 30 years since he’s gone and the first thing you think is ‘oh how fast time flies’, the second thing you think you don’t like him at all and the third thing is that it’s a reality, Then many very beautiful sensations appear because all the sensations associated with that album were and are very beautiful,” Paige admitted in the video.

He also confirmed that he plans to re-record the album, but with new versions and with guests from all musical genres.

Fito Pays during the recording of his album "The Golden Years" last year.

Fito Pays during the recording of his album “The Golden Years” last year.

He also mentioned that the recording would take place in Los Angeles in August, and that he would then go on tour with that material, touring several countries with the production of legendary manager Daniel Grinbanks.

going to the festival

Weeks earlier, Rosario’s musician announced that in August he would record new versions of the 1992 album, which included a symbolic performance of 14 songs. Two Days in the Life, Salt Petals, A Dress and a Love, Tomb of Glory, The Magic Wheel, Behind the Crying Wall, Shine on the mike You to roll my life,

“It occurred to me to re-record, in its entirety, cover it, put similar elements in different places, call in other guests,” he explained in the video, stressing that the original guest list was “a It was a miracle” which included Mercedes Sousa, David Lebanon, Charlie García, Fabiana Cantillo, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Ariel Rott and Andrés Calamaro among others.

Fito Páez, in the flyer he uploaded to his Instagram today.

Fito Páez, in the flyer he uploaded to his Instagram today.

“And the ubiquitous figures of Fabiana Cantillo and Cecilia Roth who gave me the outline of the love to be able to develop those songs,” he said.

“Hopefully we will enjoy this new tour”, he highlighted the album’s reversal which would include a tour and admitted that they still do not have a guest list “but there will be many, there will be others and of course they will. There will be very different versions”.

a historical album

Pyaar After Pyaar, released in 1992, marks the singer’s definitive anointing of Rosario. Subject magic wheel The extensive tour of the year 1993 was named: La Rueda Magica Tour.

Thanks to this success, Fito Páez performed a series of 11 recitals at the Gran Rex Theatre, later touring more than nine countries throughout Argentina and Cuba, where he was the first non-Cuban artist to play in Revolution Square. . In front of 40,000 people.

In the middle of the 1993 tour, he was awarded a quadruple platinum record, with 240,000 records sold.[cita requerida] and ACE (Association of Entertainment Critics) awarded it in three classifications: “Best Video Clip”, “Best Rock Song” (for Theme) Tomb of Glory) and “Best Solo Rock Album” (for love after love,

Fito Páez and his band performed a total of 120 shows throughout 1993, culminating in the tour at the Vélez Sarsfield Stadium, where 84,122 people paid their tickets to attend the recital on 24 and 25 April.

In December, Paes called again for a concert at the Velez Sarsfield Stadium, but this time leaving just half a million dollars for this UN organization, entirely for the benefit of UNICEF.


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