Home Entertainment Fito Páez, Pedro Aznar and a festival in Pinamar, canceled by Covid

Fito Páez, Pedro Aznar and a festival in Pinamar, canceled by Covid

Fito Páez, Pedro Aznar and a festival in Pinamar, canceled by Covid

Just a month ago the pandemic it seemed like a bad memory and the return of live shows, a reality. But with Covid-19 it is impossible to relax: the explosion of cases is beginning to force concerts to be suspended.

This is the case of Fito Páez and Pedro Aznar, who announced through their Instagram accounts that cancel or postpone performances planned on the Atlantic Coast due to the pandemic.

Aznar, suspended

Pedro Aznar communicated with this text on his account @aznar_pedro the suspension of two recitals: “Due to the growing wave of infections and the epidemiological situation, today’s concert (for Tuesday the 11th) in San Bernardo is canceled, and tomorrow’s (for on Wednesday 12) in Pinamar”.

Due To The Explosion Of Infections, Fito Páez, Pedro Aznar And Pinamar Park Live Suspended Or Rescheduled On The Atlantic Coast.  Photo: Instagram.

Due to the explosion of infections, Fito Páez, Pedro Aznar and Pinamar Park Live suspended or rescheduled on the Atlantic Coast. Photo: Instagram.

And it closes like this:For the reimbursement of tickets purchased, contact @plateanet or at the Luz y Fuerza and Teatro de la Torre ticket offices. We apologize for the inconvenience caused”.

The former Serú Girán was presenting his new album, flower and root, made up of versions of Latin American music classics, without neglecting emblematic songs of his extensive career.

Fito, rescheduled

For his part, Fito Páez announced the “rescheduling” of the concert that he was going to give on Friday the 21st in Mar del Plata, although there is still no new date for its performance. The high wave of infections is what put a brake on Rosario’s performance.

Fito Páez Will Have To Reschedule His Show, But There Is No Date Yet.  Photo: Instagram.

Fito Páez will have to reschedule his show, but there is no date yet. Photo: Instagram.

“Due to the epidemiological situation caused by the growing wave of infections, the Fito Páez concert scheduled for Friday, January 21 at the Mar del Plata Sports Center will be rescheduled,” the text begins.

And continues: “During the month of January we will announce the rescheduling. Tickets that have already been purchased will have the exact location and validity for that date. For return of tickets, contact [email protected]”. In that concert, the man from Rosario was going to present his most recent album, The Wild Years.

Pinamark Park Live suspended

The concerts that were going to make up the Pinamar Park Live were also suspended, where they were going to present a dozen artists during January. The recitals were supposed to start this Thursday the 13th, with a performance by Miranda!.

The Suspension Communication Of Pinamar Park Live.  Photo: Instagram.

The suspension communication of Pinamar Park Live. Photo: Instagram.

It continued with Knowing Russia⁣ (Friday the 14th), Queen Master Stroke (Saturday the 15th) and Nonpalidece (Sunday the 16th).⁣ Until the end of the month, on that stage they were also going to play Heroes, Cruzando el charco⁣, Juanse, La Beriso⁣, Lit Killah, Prisma Pink Floyd⁣, A Round Work, Mimi Maura, El Kuelgue and Bándalos Chinos⁣.

⁣The text of the organization, published on Instagram, is as follows:

“We regret to inform you that due to the new wave of the pandemic that has increased Covid infections, being ehe space where the concerts take place a closed place with ventilation and in order to take care of all Pinamar Park Live participants above all else, we are forced to make the decision to momentarily suspend all scheduled concerts until further notice.”

And it closes: “All tickets purchased by the tuentrada.com system will be returned in full, as they will be informed by the system via mail.”


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