Fito Paes talks about his new album “The Golden Light” and the songs dedicated to Charlie Garcia

Fito Paes talks about his new album

In November last year, Fito Paez released the album wild year and announced that it is the first part of a trilogy. It was an ambitious plan, but it came to fruition: it came out in March futuristic science and just released golden light,

And just as the first part was a large collection of songs, the second installment was almost entirely instrumental and was recorded with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra. in brand new golden light In an intimate scheme, the key is Fito alone with his piano.

Fito page.  Photo: Eric Fernando

Fito page. Photo: Eric Fernando

New album details

It is a nine-track album, three of which are instrumental (Gerardo C, Gorostarz Breweryyou and the golden light) is a subject sung a cappella and in English (moon over manhattan) and Turn on Love (Abriel Oliveira and female voices in .) Sun goddess (Eta Craft).

The theme at the premiere of the Teatro Colón dedicated to his teacher and colleague Charlie Garcia (your headphones,

Cover of Fito Pez’s new album “The Golden Years”

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About the new work, Page himself wrote a text: “During the pandemic I sat at the piano a lot. Trade honey. The idea was to keep the phone close by and make an improvised film. No pre-plan. some ideas that came together golden light,

“Amidst the whirlwind—he continues—of the recording of wild year You futuristic science, which were composed and arranged almost in parallel, slowly but firmly emerged as a feeling that eventually became unattainable. Something was missing. A quiet album, no less intense for that, that would give me a sense of the completion of a great work”.

And he adds: “golden light It slips silently between the crevices of dreams and the misfortunes that happen amidst so many movements. Determined to accomplish this, exhausted but confident, I proceeded against the logistical odds of the Odyssey. After a few phone calls and some financial problems, I was able to sit with a Steinway kid in the smallest room of the 50/20 studio in downtown Miami.”

Fito Pays and "The Golden Years".  Photo: Eric Fernando

Fito Pays and “The Golden Years”. Photo: Eric Fernando

end of recording

According to Fito, “There were five unforgettable days with the great Mexican recording engineer Alan Saucedo, the songs and instrumental pieces sprung up like flowers. I put the structures together, played better, wrote, rewrote and sang. I followed two Buenos Aires returned to the United States, between Los Angeles and Miami, filled with enthusiasm for a large portion of the recorded trilogy.

Fito Pays in the full recording of "The Golden Years".  Photo: Eric Fernando

Fito Pays in the full recording of “The Golden Years”. Photo: Eric Fernando

“My friend and producer Diego Olivero accompanied me on several sessions in the Specter studio. I sang a lot of new songs. There we recorded Abril Oliveira’s Velvet Voice start love, Juan Absatz did just that with extravagant singer Etta Kraft in his studio Sun goddess, The only thing missing in the mix was Gustavo Borner’s master hand. Six pieces of music, some with lyrics, others instrumental, fell by the wayside. The ship was ready to sail.”

And Fito concluded: “These nine pieces became the final verse of this trilogy. In a room a man was recounting scenes with a piano, transcended by a puzzling sense of nostalgia flying through time and space. I dreamed that I was traveling till the time of my childhood and woke up to empty spaces and dear bodies.”

“Your Headphones”: Song Dedicated to Charlie

Tribute to Charlie Garcia by Fito Páez at the Teatro Colón.  photo Emmanuel Fernandez

Tribute to Charlie Garcia by Fito Páez at the Teatro Colón. photo Emmanuel Fernandez

I fell in love with him because he always left without paying the bills

he said to the elbows he looked at you and he already turned you

I was his apprentice magician, he taught me to starve myself in the street to live

It’s better not to be tied down to anything when the world pulls you down

With Rainbacker, a piece of paper and a pen is enough

I wrote what no one wants to see

give someone a mask and they’ll tell you the truth

and always your headphones

He fought her bravest petovika at the disco

And he dropped CP 70 when his girl left him

you gotta do the chorus so people sing

Don’t judge others and how are you at home?

It ain’t that long, the road goes by in a second

He told me: “It’s very cold here, Fito,

over this world

There’s no place for Giles to help the dying

don’t listen to the cheater

And don’t forget that the music belongs to nobody

the astro sun that lights up this dazzling world

You started a thousand cycles with your long legs

By my side till the end and I die by you

Do you remember when you gave me your headphones?

And always your headphones.


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