First Images of Halle Bailey as ‘Ariel’ in “The Little Mermaid”

Two years have passed since it was announced that the black actress would be in charge of playing for ‘Ariel’ live action From Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”.

Italy.- halle bailey is back in the crosshairs, as a couple recently leaked Images in which shown How does she look in the role of ‘Ariel’? Disney’s “The Little Mermaid” in its own version live action.

Importantly, while Halle is not as white as the cartoon character, if he would wear the distinctive red hair Mermaid who is part of Disney Classics.

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First images of ‘Ariel’ human version

Some are broadcast through social networks photography From the recording of the film. you can see in the pictures Halle Bailey wearing a mermaid tail to record one of these iconic scene From the 1989 cartoon. In the snapshot you can also see who will be playing the role of Prince ‘Eric’.

according to some Media, In photos would have captured a beach in italywhere the actors were scene rehearsal in which ‘Ariel’ saves ‘Eric’ After the his ship is wrecked after a storm.

in that scene “The Little Mermaid” saves her by taking her to the beach To reflect on it while singing, this action helps to remember it and later, the prince begins to look for the young woman.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, filming had to be suspended; However, after filtering these images it is clear that they have resumed recording. And although a release date hasn’t been disclosed, rumors indicate that it could happen. end of 2021 or mid of 2022.

The film has raised a lot of expectations ever since it was announced. Halle Bailey, A young colorful girl will play “The Little Mermaid”, a great stir arose And criticism of Disney’s decision continued for weeks.

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