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First eliminated from La Academia 20 years old got a job on Televisa

Carlos Meza got a casting at La Academia in front of the feared critics, who finally decided his departure (Photo: Instagram / @carlosmezaof)

The 20-year Academy managed to position itself as one of the most popular television phenomena within social networks, where week after week the community gets together to comment on the best, worst or most controversial moments of the night, without forgetting that through TikTok Millions of votes have been received.

Furthermore, from this impressive reality show There have also been characters beloved by the Mexican public, among which Fernanda, Cesia or Andrés stand out, in addition to Rubí, who managed to gather even his own fan club.

There are also others who fell by the wayside, and not only through the programs, since there was a presentation to the Mexican press, where there were a couple of expelled and one of them, Carlos Meza, has already found a job with the competition.

Carlos Meza, the first eliminated from La Academia 20 years, got a job at Televisa (Photo: Instagram / @carlosmezaof)
Carlos Meza, the first eliminated from La Academia 20 years, got a job at Televisa (Photo: Instagram / @carlosmezaof)

It was through his social networks that Carlos Meza made his big announcement. The publication consisted of a couple of photographs holding in their hands what seemed to be a script for some television project, in the background the classic lyrics of Televisa between bushes.

“No to love… Yes to money and success. Let’s go strong ”, were the words that she used as a caption, the same ones that imply that his near future is in the competition.

Through the same post on Instagram, his contacts, friends and fans launched dozens of comments, congratulations, encouragements or emojis that made clear the wishes for the young Mexican artist and singer to do well.

However, it is not the first time that he can be seen in a television project. He has also been part of the program “Como dice el dicho”, where through popular Mexican sayings they tell various stories and leave various lessons.

Carlos Meza, the first eliminated from La Academia 20 years, got a job at Televisa (Photo: Instagram / @carlosmezaof)
Carlos Meza, the first eliminated from La Academia 20 years, got a job at Televisa (Photo: Instagram / @carlosmezaof)

The passage of Carlos Meza through the Academy

Carlos Meza was one of the first participants to arrive on the stage of The Academy 20 yearsbecause on his way he reached the casting prior to the broadcasts where he had to face the dreaded judges.

Arturo López Gavito, Lola Cortés, Horacio Villalobos and Ana Bárbara They decided that both Carlos Meza and Andrea Rivera would be left out of the broadcast, so they became the first official expelled.

The round was formed by this pair of singers, in addition to others who became great characters from La Academia as Rubíthe representative of the United States, Eduardo, the Ecuadorian Mar, and the Mexican Jackie.

The young singer from the State of Mexico made an energetic presentation interpreting the song “De Música Ligera” performed by the Argentine singer Gustavo Cerati with his band Soda Stereo.

Carlos Meza performed "De Música Ligera" by Soda Stereo at the first concert (Photo: Instagram / @carlosmezaof)
Carlos Meza performed “De Música Ligera” by Soda Stereo at the first concert (Photo: Instagram / @carlosmezaof)

“For me, everything I saw was unfortunate. It’s awful, I saw a young man destroy an emblematic song of rock in Spanish “, it was the first comment launched by the executive Arturo López Gavito.

“This person, this student, I just think he does not have to be here (…) The boy who does not advance by decision of the critics, this student who must leave the stage at this time, please, it is you Carlos”, were the words that Lola Cortés used to permanently remove it from the project.

In addition, the judges recommended that he go to check his vocal cords because during his performance, he was very close to becoming hoarse, which could cause severe damage to the vocal cordseven take him to an operating room at a young age.

Also, Lolita asked him to take singing lessons if he wants to make music a lifestyle, and even come back when he is more prepared.


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