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Monday, September 26, 2022

Firm Group steal a truck! This happened to them for ‘distracted’

  • The vocalist of Grupo Firme ‘steals’ someone else’s car
  • Between laughs, Eduin Caz confesses what he did for ‘distracted’
  • Grupo Firme receives another achievement to the list

Firm group steal truck. Eduin Caz, vocalist of Grupo Firme, gave something to talk about again as usual. The 27-year-old singer is used to controversy, because now he was once again in the eye of the hurricane when he got confused and ended up taking a car that was not his.

According to several images where Grupo Firme documented the event, they evidenced the moment in which they realized that it was not their truck, but that they left someone without transportation! The members of the band usually record everything, so we bring you the details.

Eduin Caz ‘steals’ someone else’s car!

Firm group steal van

The vocalist of ‘Grupo Firme’ confessed through the account of group tiktok, who ‘stole’ someone else’s truck. This happened by mistake, but caused laughter from his faithful fans, in the comments they pointed out how the 27-year-old singer is ‘distracted’, and also told him that he had to pay more attention.

In the video shared by Eduin Caz, he detailed how, without realizing that it was not his car, he took the one that belonged to someone else, without losing his sense of humor. The singer confessed that there were some additional items inside the vehicle and it was even linked to a phone registered as ‘Shuai Ji’. Filed Under: Firm Group Van Stolen

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