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‘Fire Island’ director on film’s all-LGBTQ cast: ‘We know that the depth of talent exists’ (exclusive)

When fire islandA quirky, modern adaptation pride and Prejudice, first announced, marked the first time that a major film was being written and directed by openly gay Asians. In this case, that’s director Andrew Ah, writer and star Joel Kim Booster and Bowen Yang. Later, the Hulu film made news again when it was revealed that it had all filled supporting roles with LGBTQ actors including Margaret Cho, Matt Rogers, and Conrad Ricamora.

“Joel and I felt very committed to casting queer actors for this,” Ahn told ET. “We know there’s a depth of talent that exists within this community, and I think it’s really unfortunate that the majority of Hollywood people still have this idea that you can’t do that. Like, just plain actors.” There are people who can play these roles better. I think it is underestimating the value of lived experience that an actor can bring to a role.”

“A lot of this film has a peculiar joy and I really wanted to work with queer people,” he says of the film, which is as much about chosen families and queer friendships as it is about finding love. is in. “So, we were really committed to it and it was so easy to do. Like, finding these guys was no struggle.”

He continued, “The amount of talent in this community is really tremendous.”

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for the director, who previously directed the acclaimed Sundance film spa nightBeing on a project led by queer Asians “felt like home,” he says. “So, when I got on the ship, it was fun for me to find out who might be an Asian American here. So, great to find our gay Asian American Mr. Darcy. And Conrad Ricamora such a star and so much. Charismatic and such an amazing actor. And then Margaret Cho just being a legend and an icon, it was really special. The movie somehow got even more Asian and more Asian.”

And when it comes down to it, especially considering that the film is set at a historic gay destination on the edge of New York City, “there are no straight people,” says Booster. By making it the place for this story, “I didn’t feel admiring or felt like I should be pedantic or directly educate people about what our world is all about.”

As a result, “I could allow these queer characters to live their authentic lives,” he says, while Ahn adds that the film is ultimately “a celebration of the chosen family and queer.”

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That feeling wasn’t lost on Yang, who says, “When you go to Fire Island, you feel like this weight has been taken off. You don’t have to explain yourself and your queue. The way Joel wrote it, he kind of works seamlessly.”

“I feel the same way in terms of its intersectionality. I felt the same way in terms of my Asian identity. These characters don’t go around saying, ‘It’s like being Asian.’ It’s kind of a gesture or just touching the surface or drawing a line,” the actor continues. “I’ve been very fortunate that I’ve been on sets where it’s been predominantly Asian, and it’s something Felt even more special, just to have those interlocked pieces of queue and Asian-ness.”

Adding to this, James Scully says it all speaks of “the wonderful work that Joel did to make the script so current and so topical and relevant to people’s experiences. [Fire Island], And also, for Andrew’s ability to share with the audience. ,

fire island Now streaming on Hulu.

Reporting by Denny Directo and Stacey Lambe

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