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Finally Niurka breaks the silence and clarifies if it is true that Bobby Larios is Emilio’s father

  • Niurka finally reveals who the real father of her son Emilio is.
  • The Cuban puts a stop to the rumors that entangle Bobby Larios, Juan Osorio and Emilio.
  • Niurka breaks her silence after speculation about her youngest son.

Niurka breaks silence son. Niurka Marcos is one of the personalities in the entertainment world who is considered one of the most controversial, not for nothing is she the “queen of controversy” since she has been involved in various problems and more after her participation and departure from ‘ The House of the Famous 2’.

The attitude that the Cuban vedette has completely characterizes her, so she once again gave something to talk about during a television program dedicated to gossip and the world of entertainment, this time Niurka did not hesitate for a second to reveal who she is the real father of her son Emilio.

Who is Emilio Osorio’s father?

Niurka breaks silence son

After Niurka was expelled from the most famous house on Hispanic television, she has been invited to numerous programs dedicated to entertainment and has offered interviews for independent journalists, which is why the Cuban has recently focused on public opinion after confessing the unexpected.

It all happened during an interview he gave for the program “Sit down who can” led by Julián Gil and in which Niurka was participating for a week. In one of the broadcasts of the same, the Cuban vedette did not take long to share and clarify all the doubts that have arisen regarding her son, Emilio de Ella. Filed As: Niurka breaks silence son.

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