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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Finalist of ‘La Academia’ will join Grupo Cañaveral; Emir Pabón will announce it in the final

The Academy 20 years is about to come to an end and we will soon know who of the five finalists will become the winner of this edition, but the winner not only could he win a prize, since any of his other colleagues would have the opportunity to join Grupo Cañaveral as the new vocalist.

A few weeks ago Grupo Cañaveral appeared at one of the reality show concerts and Emir Pabón announced that one of the finalists will join the group as a new vocalist. And a few days after they made their decision known, the singer gave an interview to various media, which was taken up by Berenice Ortiz and spoke about The academy.

“I really do not have a comment as such, the only thing I am telling you is that it is a project that people love very much and the opinion that one may have, the opinion that critics, judges, and all that may have. it is parallel to what the public wants. We really dedicate ourselves to the medium of the show and the people are the ones who connect with the participants, with the music, who connect with the programs”.

Emir Pabón said that he wishes the finalists the best and that the public is who will decide the one who deserves to win, since he was the one who showed the hunger to succeed.

“There is still a week left for everyone, so let’s hope that the one who has to win really wins, the one who deserves first place, the one who empowered himself, the one who has one hundred percent the hunger to be a winner, the hunger to have success, may the best win, I really wish that to the finalists”.

Finally, he mentioned that for now he and his groupmates have not yet decided who will be the new member, but on Sunday in the grand finale they will reveal it.

“There really is a lot of talent there, from the finalists, even from those who have already left, there is a lot of talent because I have always said it, here it is not about finding the perfect artist or singer but the one who really transmits… No it is that we have talked about it (who will join the group), but at least we have visualized many things that I cannot say, because really the day of the final is… we will be there in a very interesting performance”.


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