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Filming began on Star +’s dramatic comedy “Nothing”, in which Robert De Niro takes part

Filming began on Star +'s dramatic comedy "Nothing", in which Robert De Niro takes part

Star+ announced the start of production of Star Original Productions label’s new original dramatic comedy “Nada”, which will come exclusively to the streaming service in 2023. Produced by Metrovision, the series produced and directed by Argentinian film and television directors and producers Mariano Kohn and Gaston Duprata (“The Illustrious Citizen”, “Official Contest”) and written by Emanuel Diez, Mariano Kohn and Gaston Duprat, is starring louis brandoni (“Waiting for the Float”, “My Masterpiece”).

Among other famous guest personalities, Robert De Niro will have a special partnershipIn the first 4 episodes and as a guest star in episode 5. The cast of “Nada” is completed with actors and actresses Majo Cabrera, María Rosa Fugazot, Sylvia Kutica, Enrique Pinero, Belén Chaván, Daniel Arroz, Cecilia Dopazzo. Gaston Cochiarle, Daniele Miglioranza, Ariadna Asturzi and Rodrigo Noya.

Essayist and poet S. with the acting debut ofAntiago Kovadloff (अलlvaro Bianco) and chef Francis Mallmannwho in turn serves as culinary consultant for the series with chef Narada Leps and special journalist in gastronomy Federico Oldenburg, architect, art curator and screenwriter Andrés Duprat in “NADA” as consultant and curator of works of art appear to. Chain.

In “Nada”, Manuel (Brandoni) is a sophisticated culinary critic, provocateur and art lover from Buenos Aires who, despite being an icon of Buenos Aires culture, has almost run out of money for a life of waste. And want to keep your style casual.

When unexpectedly he can’t count on the woman (Fugazot), who worked in his house for four decades, to solve absolutely everything for him, as a kind of personal assistant, homeowner and cook, he Realizes that he doesn’t know how to do anything on his own and decides to hire Antonia (Cabrera), a young woman born and raised in a small town in Paraguay, whom she has to take care of for the rest of her life. aspects, ranging from their relationships and personal tastes to gastronomic and cultural issues.

Antonia finds Manuel immersed in a minor chaos that he feels is under his control, and the clash of cultures and generations of each one will turn into unusual, intense, contradictory and tender situations that will leave great learning for both. . Vincent (De Niro), a longtime friend of Manuel, a distinguished writer of international repute, will play a very important role in this new phase in which Manuel’s life takes an unexpected turn.

Composed of five episodes and filmed in symbolic locations in Buenos Aires, Argentina, “Nada” stands out for its ironic and witty humor with which it addresses various paradigmatic sociocultural behaviors that make audiences laugh and move. The story also attracts the audience towards itself. The Fascinating World of CookingWith many references to celebrities and restaurants from the Buenos Aires gourmet scene.

The new production is part of a series of Star+ Productions fully developed in the region and assumed by The Walt Disney Company Latin America to produce locally relevant content for its streaming services, in alliance with production houses in the region. commensurate with the commitment made. Connecting local talent.

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